Jealous Michelle Makes Complete Fool Of Herself Trying To Upstage Melania When It Blew Up In Her Face

Over the past 8 years, Michelle Obama has fancied herself as the queen of the White House, with many insiders coming forward with horrifying accounts of an “angry and bitter Michelle” who earned the nickname “Monster Michelle” from staffers who cowered in fear as she would frequently “go on a warpath” if her queenly demands were not met. But now that Michelle is out of the White House and no longer the first lady, she is on a desperate mission to get back in the spotlight again as she tries to outshine the younger and more beautiful current First Lady, Melania Trump.

During the Inauguration ceremony back in January, you could see Michelle’s disdain for Melania all over her face, as she knew that upon conclusion of the ceremony she would be “dethroned” by a younger and obviously more attractive First Lady. Now Michelle is frantic to get the attention onto her once again, going to desperate measures to outshine the glamorous Melania.

If Michelle left America with a “legacy” it wouldn’t be one to write a memoir on. Her one “accomplishment” after 8 years was the catastrophic roll-out of her school lunch program, where kids around the nation would constantly tweet pictures at Michelle, complaining about the disgusting meals they were forced to choke down.

Contrast that with Melania’s short time at the White House, where she has already shocked and awed the nation with her public appearances, with her passion and vigor for her charity work and youth programs shinning through. But Michelle isn’t about to take a backseat to Melania. Rather than gracefully fading from the spotlight and choosing to live life as a civilian and mother to her two girls, Michelle has now launched plans for a speaking tour, as a way to get her name in the headlines once again.

From Washington Examiner:

Former first lady Michelle Obama will return to the national spotlight with a speaking engagement at an architecture conference in Orlando, Fla., later this month.

She will sit down for a “conversation” in the afternoon of April 27 at the event held by the American Institute of Architects. No other details on the subject of the discussion were shared.

“Michelle Robinson Obama served as First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017, transforming the position and becoming a role model, champion, and inspiration for women, families, and young people across America and around the world,” says the webpage on which Obama was announced as a speaker.

Does this woman really think Americans really give a flying crap about sitting in on her conventions and hearing her bash our new president? Stick a sock in it, Michelle. Listening to you flap your anti-American, anti-Trump guns is the last thing on our menu of priorities.

Just like her husband, it looks like she isn’t planning on going anywhere anytime soon! Good grief could these people just disappear off the planet already?

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