Jeff Sessions Just Shut Kamala Harris’ Big Mouth After Her Disgusting Sex Secret Comes Out

The Democrats, Hillary supporters and general naysayers never seem to run out of ways to create a cloud around President Trump and his cabinet. That would be something worth talking about if these people had actually done wrong, or even if those pointing fingers weren’t as dirty guilty as sin, but neither of those are true, so we sometimes have a hard time believing that these people are serious.

The most recent sinner who’s trying to point a finger with a straight face is United States Senator from the great state of California Kamala Harris. Harris makes just about every stereotype about California girls look true. Harris might have met her match in D.C. however when she locked horns with our own Jeff Sessions. Her questioning got a little out of hand, and of course, the Washington Post blamed it on sexism, but we will take a look at just how Harris has gotten her way in the past.

Here’s the Posts’ recounting of what happened when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was before the Senate:

She has used her prosecutorial background to ask pointed, tough questions — and for that she is being admonished. One former Trump campaign adviser on CNN called her “hysterical.”

To those who have observed hearings on Capitol Hill, especially high-visibility televised hearings involving partisan subjects, there has been little or nothing unusual about Harris’s behavior. Members get a small amount of time to ask questions and make their points. Unfriendly witnesses are inclined to string out their answers and let the clock run.

The result, one side rushing, the other stalling, is never pretty. The phrase, “just give me a yes or no answer,” is so often heard it ought to be engraved on the Capitol portico.

But twice now, Harris has been interrupted and chastised by male senators for her style of questioning during the hearings. It happened first last week during questioning of Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein and then again Tuesday when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was testifying.

Now for that look at how Harris has gotten all of the things that she wanted in D.C. Her tawdry past reads like the script of a day time soap, but somehow she’s making it work for her.

This is a report by the Daily Caller from back in 2012:

“Addressing the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night in Charlotte, N.C., California Attorney General Kamala Harris told a crowd of 20,000 that she wants an ‘America where opportunity is open to everyone … where everyone plays by the same set of rules.’ The first big boost to her career, however, came not because of her legal prowess but because her boyfriend was California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen once called Harris ‘the Speaker’s new steady.’ He went on to become the first black mayor of San Francisco.

As Brown’s time as speaker drew to a close in 1994, he named Harris to the California Medical Assistance Commission, a job that came with a $72,000 annual salary. Brown had previously appointed her to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

She ‘was described by several people at the Capitol as Brown’s girlfriend,’ the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

Although that job paid nearly $98,000, Harris’ term was set to expire in five weeks when Brown tapped her for the Medical Assistance Commission slot. That body met only monthly and the $72,000 position was not consider a full-time job.

Brown named another long-time friend, Phillips S. Ryan to fill the insurance board slot for the remaining five-week period. “Brown and Ryan have been friends and business associates for years,” the Times reported. “Brown was ‘of counsel’ to a Los Angeles law firm in which Ryan was a partner.”

The Brown-Harris affair didn’t last long. She was spotted dating talk show host Montel Williams in 2001, but Brown continued to support her, helping her as mayor to become San Francisco’s first black district attorney over Terence Hallinan, a popular two-term incumbent.

That seems like an honest and upright person that we’d want to be representing us in one of the highest offices in the land. Despite all of this, Harris is still trying to make herself out to be a role model and champion of women’s rights. Many of her less than adoring followers on Twitter aren’t letting her get by with it though:

Preach, brother.

Amen to that.

I’m always amazed that when someone has an out in the open, dirty two timing past that they’d still try and put themselves forward as a champion of something when they know they’re just going to be shot down.

Maybe it’s to distract from the possibility of a real investigation into her business dealings with another California politician who’s reputation is even worse than her own. That’s right, I’m talking about Mad Maxine Waters and all of her shady business dealings while in her home state and in the nation’s capital.

The Washington Free Beacon was kind enough to put together a few little facts about that less than flattering connection.

On May 5, 2010, when Harris was a San Francisco district attorney and running for attorney general in the state, her campaign committee, Kamala Harris For AG 2010, paid Waters’s campaign committee, Citizens for Waters, $20,000 to appear on her slate mailer announcing the endorsement. Harris made three payments totaling $33,000 to Waters’s campaign committees throughout the 2010 election cycle. Harris won her election for attorney general.

During the 2016 election cycle, as Harris was running for U.S. Senate, Harris’s campaign committee, Kamala Harris for Senate, made a $30,000 payment in May 2016 to again appear on Waters’s endorsement mailer. Harris trounced former Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez in the race to replace Barbara Boxer in the Senate.

The operation is run by Karen Waters, the daughter of Rep. Waters, who has collected more than $650,000 to date for running the endorsement mailers. Karen is owed another $108,000 from her mother’s campaign committee, according to its most recent records. Once Karen is paid, her total payments will reach more than $750,000 since 2006.

The FEC issued an advisory opinion in 2004 allowing Waters to run the slate mailers from her campaign committee. Prior to running the slate mailers from her campaign, the operation was run from a state committee called LA Vote.

If that connection isn’t enough to ruin a person’s political career, I don’t know what is. Harris and Waters and any other Democrats who won their seats by less than legal means are going to have to be called to task if we want this country to run the way it’s supposed to. Props to Sessions for calling her out, but it’s a crying shame that he has to.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon, Daily Caller)

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