Jesse Jackson Makes SICK Claim About Who’s Responsible For Dallas Cop Assassinations

With all the race baiting from #BlackLivesMatter protesters, it was only a matter of time before Jesse Jackson came on the scene. His commentary on who is REALLY responsible for the current civil unrest is really hilarious. Can YOU guess who is to blame for the cop assassinations? If you guessed Donald Trump, then you are a psychic genius.

Jesse Jackson is now pointing his finger at Trump and his followers for stirring up a climate of racial fear. Jesse Jackson thinks that Trump is so powerful that he’s contributed to the deaths of the police officers in Dallas and all other types of discrimination (but especially America’s anti-black mood).

‘It’s a kind of anti-black mood, antisemitism, anti-Muslim bashing, immigrant bashing, female bashing, a kind of mean spirited division in the country.’Rev Jackson considered what was causing the divisive mood in America were because of…’Threats to deport 15 million immigrants…threats to build a wall between Mexico who we share 2,000 miles of a border, there’s a permissiveness towards black people [which] is readily apparent and we have been used as scape goats for deeper and deeper economic and cultural fears.’

When asked about Donald Trump and the rise of ultra-conservative groups, Mr Jackson said: ‘He is a factor in that.
‘It’s not just Trump, it’s the followers of Trump; the blacks, the browns, the Muslims – we’ve been losing rights in the cause of globalisation. There is a scapegoating of those who are suffering.’
Asked about how all of this was happening under the first US black president and what Obama can do, he said: ‘My appeal to the President is let’s have a White House conference on violence, poverty, racial disparities and the plan to reconstruct – there is no plan to reconstruct.’

Wow now the Left is really grasping at straws! If YOU are a Trump supporter, did you know you were under the influence of Trump. No it’s not his great policies and ideas he’s proposed that have drawn you to him, nor his desire to ‘Make America Great Again’… it’s that he has the power to make you and all Trumps followers racists to encourage hateful violence.

Jesse Jackson will do anything he can to create havoc and gain an army of mindless people to follow him wherever he points to add to the destruction of what America really means. The greater the chasm between blacks and everyone else… the more powerful Jesse Jackson will be.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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