JIHAD DENIAL: Another Islamic State Mass Grave Discovered in Kirkuk


(Pam Gellar) Every day, more atrocities. Every day, more jihad denial. Then as the jihad grows and becomes more savage, the “moderates” wage a different kind of war, claiming that Islam is under attack, instead of facing the horrors waged in the cause of Islam.

The media doesn’t even report these heinous war crimes —

mass grave

While pushing back Islamic State (IS) militants in the south of Kirkuk Province, Peshmerga and Iraqi army soldiers have discovered a mass grave containing 19 bodies.

A Peshmerga source from the Kirkuk front confirmed the news on 14th March and told BasNews, “Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army discovered a mass grave near Shamsa village, south of Kirkuk while they were clearing the area of IS militants.”

The source continued, “The grave contains 19 bodies clothed in military uniforms, and it seems that they were killed after IS militants captured them.”

Last week Peshmerga forces attacked IS positions to the south of Kirkuk and they re-took a number of strategic towns and villages after intensive clashes.

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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