‘Jihadi Bride’ Fled To ISIS &Her Dad Blamed Cops, But There’s A BIG Problem


From Mad World: Earlier this year, three teenage girls fled Great Britain to join the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) in Syria, and one of the girl’s fathers blamed police for it happening.

However, there’s a major problem with his story, and it dates back several years.

Abase Hussen’s daughter, 15-year-old Amira Abase, left to join the barbaric group and Hussen later testified to Parliament that he had no idea how she could have become radicalized enough to leave and even went as far as blaming the police, teachers, and anybody else he could for it, according toMailOnline.

‘Jihadi Bride’ Fled To ISIS & Her Dad Blamed Cops, But There’s A BIG Problem

“As for me, I don’t know the symptoms even — what radicalization is,” he said during a hearing as he was surrounded by the families of the other two girls. He also blasted the police for a letter they gave his daughter that asked permission from her parents to speak to her about one of her friends that had left to join ISIS – he felt they should have given it directly to him.

“How on earth she travelled abroad to join ISIS, is a very difficult question for us to answer – even to predicate,” Hussen said. “The letter terrified my daughter.”

His testimony earned him an apology from Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who said that he should have communicated more with the families and accepting partial responsibility for Amira’s actions. However, as it turns out it likely wasn’t the police, her teachers, or anybody else in her life that caused her to become radicalized – it was her father.

Apparently, Hussen has a history of radical views himself, and in 2012, he attended an anti-Western protest over the film Innocence of Muslims, which was the same movie Hillary Clinton’s State Department blamed for the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Worse yet, that rally was attended by the man who went on to brutally murder soldier Lee Rigby in the streets of Great Britain, who Hussen was pictured standing next to, and it was led by some of Britain’s most radical Muslims.

‘Jihadi Bride’ Fled To ISIS & Her Dad Blamed Cops, But There’s A BIG Problem

“Burn, burn USA,” he shouted, fist clenched in the air as a man in front of him sets an American flag on fire. Hussen is then seen grabbing the flag momentarily before having to drop it from the heat.

Hussen then starts chanting “Allahu akbar” as the remainder of the flag burns on the ground. He then turns his attention to a burning Israeli flag, chanting towards it and making other gestures.

‘Jihadi Bride’ Fled To ISIS & Her Dad Blamed Cops, But There’s A BIG Problem

All of this takes place as he stands behind a banner that read, “The followers of Mohammed will conquer America,” while others wave the black flags of Islam. Standing next to Hussen at the protest was Michael Adebowale, who went on to murder Rigby in the name of Allah the following year.

Leading the rally was none other than Anjem Choudary, the notorious British hate preacher who claims that Sharia law will one day dominate the world. Another man who grabbed the crowd’s attention was Abu Izzadeen, who became infamous after heckling former Home Secretary John Reid in 2006, and several others who attended the rally ended up leaving to join ISIS.

‘Jihadi Bride’ Fled To ISIS & Her Dad Blamed Cops, But There’s A BIG Problem

Members of the Commons Committee were shown the video of Hussen and were shocked at what they witnessed after he so brazenly refused to accept any responsibility for his daughter’s radicalization.

“This will come as a surprise to those who heard criticism of the police and school,” said Tory MP Michael Ellis. “This raises serious questions about the potential negative influence on an impressionable young mind.”

‘Jihadi Bride’ Fled To ISIS & Her Dad Blamed Cops, But There’s A BIG Problem

In response to the video, Scotland Yard said it would be going over it thoroughly to see if Hussen committed any crimes. If he did, he’ll be arrested and charged for them.

One has to wonder if Hussen was lying when he testified under oath, or if he was being honest, in his mind, of course. If he was lying, he knows that he had a large influence on his impressionable daughter, but if he was being honest, it means he doesn’t see his actions and beliefs as extreme. Either situation is frightening since the end result is the same – he hates the West and wants to see its destruction. I can’t help but wonder how many other “moderate” Muslims are out there teaching their children the same hatred.

Here’s a thought, why doesn’t the British government arrange for Hussen to be reunited with his daughter…in Syria. Then they can go down the line and do the same with everyone else they find who shares his views.


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