Uh oh, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has gone rogue. The co-host of Morning Joe went off script Monday morning when he lambasted the five St. Louis Rams players for their controversial entrance into the stadium Sunday night and the media’s narrative of the Brown shooting. (Gasp)

Scarbourough went on an epic rant that dismantled the entire race-baiter argument the liberal media has pushed through to the masses.

Courtesy of Newsbusters, here’s a partial transcript of the exchange:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: You guys are up really in arms about some the things that happened on the football field which we’ll get to in just a second.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I am. The whole thing in the media is, you don’t hear me usually blaming the media for stuff, but it’s been extraordinarily irresponsible over the past several months and what the media has let pass as narrative, we saw play out yesterday on an NFL football field.

DONNY DEUTSCH: I’m puzzled: can you explain that? Guys coming out like this [makes hands-up gesture.]

SCARBROUGH: Yeah, guys came out, hands up don’t shoot for the St. Louis Rams. Here’s a video of it. And what is so remarkable is they might as well have come out with a flying saucer attached to all of their heads in solidarity with Michael Brown being transported to Venus on a flying saucer. Because that happened as much as that happened. That’s according to grand jury testimony. That’s according to witnesses. They are using his accomplice in the robbery that was with him at the time who also claimed that Michael Brown was shot in the back. And for some reason, the media attaches to these narratives that will stir up further protests. And I got to say, I just got to a tipping point this weekend.

There’s another story in Cleveland where a young boy tragically was shot dead. Police officers got a 911 call that he was waving a gun, scaring the blank out of everybody in this public park. Police officers came up. Stopped. Shot the young boy. He was 12 years old. But they had taken off the markings to make it look like a toy gun. It was an actual gun. Do you know what “The New York Times” put in the caption of the video? “Police officers shoot child with toy.” I don’t know exactly who puts those, attaches those, but we are doing such a grave disservice to police officers in this country by pushing a narrative. That they are just going around looking to shoot black people. And somebody has to tell me, somebody needs to tell me why Michael Brown has been chosen as the face of black oppression . . .

Donny, I’m sorry. This Ram thing was the final straw for me. I have sat here quietly and listened to BS being spewed all over this network and all over other networks. I can’t take it anymore…

It’s absolutely terrible that that black man lay in the street for 4 1/2 hours. That’s one area where you can say no white man would lay in the street for 4 1/2 hours. There are places where there are great inequities. That said, at least get your signs right. If this movement is important enough to you, don’t base your movement on a lie. And I expect the Commissioner of the National Football League to suggest to the St. Louis Rams, their ownership, their coaches, their general manager, and their players that having players before the start of a National Football League game make a gesture that suggests that St. Louis police officers gunned down a young black men who have arms in their air saying hands up don’t shoot, I suggest you have some work to do. You have some work to do. Not just on Ray Rice. You have some work to do to talk to those players. Because the cops have every reason to be pissed off this morning. Every reason in the world. And by the way, if I’ve offended anybody by saying what I’ve said, trust me: 95% of America think just like me. Just because there are cowards that won’t say that on TV, that’s your problem, it’s not mine, because you’re not getting the truth.

There you have it.

This has been a divisive ploy by the media to continue to push a narrative of rampant racism and demonizing of law enforcement in America. It is good to see someone finally saying what we have all been saying all along. Hats off to you Joe!

Courtesy of Mad World News

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