John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit

Seed Global Health, a non-profit created to help other countries with their healthcare needs is under scrutiny. The program was designed by Dr. Vanessa Kerry. To function, they contract with the Peace Corps to receive government funding for their projects. So far it sounds fair, right?

Now it gets tricky… Dr. Kerry has used her father, John Kerry, to get ahead of the line of government contracts with the Peace Corps. So far over $9 Million of Department of State money has been sent to Dr. Kerry’s organization according to Daily Caller. The problems arose when it was discovered that Seed Global Health bypassed normal channels to get a contract. There was literally no competition.

These conversations below reveal the truth behind these $9 million contracts:

“Vanessa, Buck, and Sarah are meeting with Ambassador Goosby on the morning of 9/16/11 to discuss next steps for the GHSP,” said a memo from September 16, 2011 — one year before Seed received its first award. “Conversations with OGAC leadership confirm that Ambassador Goosby is very supportive of the initial proposal.”
The memo was referring to Peace Corps Directors Buck Buckingham and Sarah Morgenthau and Ambassador Eric Goosby, who then headed the Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) — the State Department office that later funded GHSP.
A later meeting revealed that contracts would be awarded to Seed (Dr. Kerry’s org.):
“The public funding to start the GHSP is secured, it will come from OGAC through [Peace Corps] to support core HQ and field based activities, and to develop a sub-agreement to provide support to the foundation for contributions for their work in this partnership,” minutes from a Nov. 18, 2011, meeting said. The “foundation” refers to Seed, which was then called the Foundation for Global Health Service.

So far the Peace Corps has awarded Dr. Kerry $9 million starting with a $3 million contract in 2012. Then in 2015 Dr. Kerry was won a 4-year extension for $6.4 million granted BY the State Department while John Kerry was Secretary of State. This is a common practice in DC where you get elected then work to funnel taxpayer dollars to your family and friends. It’s a disgusting practice but so common DC people don’t even cringe at these stories. *head shaking

Dr. Kerry was assured that she would not have to compete with other groups:
“Buck obtained clarity of the mechanism by which federal money will be provided to” Seed, the minutes said. “The process can be fast tracked and non-competed through a specific grant mechanism.”

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