JOKE: What Do You Call A Basement Full Of Liberals?


Just when you didn’t think liberals could get anymore ridiculous, and you’ve see it all. They manage to reach a whole new level of ‘stupid’. This is unbelievable.

Liberals have attacked, our flag, our pledge, and even Christmas! However, it seems they are not finished finding ways to be offended. Now, it’s the Star-Spangled Banner. Yes, the American NATIONAL ANTHEM, is being attacked by libs now. It hurts their feelings, because it’s racist. RACIST!?

Something about it representing a racist call to brutal violence and a connection between the Civil War, the Confederacy and Patriotism, is how they are getting to their asinine conclusion.


This is how writer, Jefferson Morley draws the ridiculous connection…

The campaign to make ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ America’s national anthem began on the centennial of the song in 1914. A lot of things happened in 1914…Mother’s Day was established, the last passenger pigeon, a female named Martha, died in captivity of a Zoo, and then there of course…WORLD WAR I.

President Woodrow Wilson passed an executive order in 1917, designating the song as the anthem for U.S. Armed Forces.

Then from there during the 1919 World Series, the song became a ritual to open up baseball games with.

He says, the song’s militaristic imagery and self-righteous patriotism appealed to conservatives and Southerners.

How does he know this is fact? I don’t know, it’s obvious he’s talking out of his butt.

Anyhow…he goes on to say:

Debate raged in the press and the streets. For supporters of the “Banner,” the song was the perfect symbol of national feeling, and anyone who disagreed might not be patriotic. The Veterans of Foreign Wars organized an Americanization committee that promoted the song as a litmus test of loyalty. One editorialist for The Baltimore Sun noted that the “Banner” “has undergone fiercer bombardment at the hands of Americans of late than it sustained from the British ships on the occasion of the famous attack. Now as then ‘The flag is still there’ in spite of both literary and pacifist critics … It does not represent international hate but national love.”

You see according to Morley, the song wasn’t popular in the north. The north wanted a more passive song. They wanted “America the Beautiful.” He also says, blacks didn’t like it either. Nor did pacifists or “advocates of temperance”

In fact, they called it “a poem born of intense hatred of Great Britain and wedded to a barroom ballad composed by a foreigner.”

Wow…that’s deep. Also, dumb.

He goes on to say that eventually, critics of the “Banner” found that their patriotism was being questioned. (Or at least that’s what their feelings were telling them. Remember, it’s all about feelings.)

Critics of the “Banner” found their patriotism questioned. Stetson was investigated, subpoenaed, and forced to testify in March 1924 about the source of her funds. No, she had not been funded by foreigners, she said. She had spent $16,000 of her own money on newspaper, and she would spend more. She took out anti-“Banner” ads in The New York Times in March 1924 and in the Times and The Washington Herald in August 1925.

She was not alone. Among black Americans, poet James Weldon Johnson and his brother Rosamund had composed a song to commemorate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, called “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” whose popularity among people of color made it known the “Negro national anthem.” Johnson denied there was anything in his song to conflict with “The Star-Spangled Banner.” But he couldn’t resist adding that it was “difficult to sing,” and that “its sentiments are boastful and bloodthirsty.”

So those olden day liberals continued their search for a better national anthem.

Finally, they held a congressional hearing and Mr. Morley, DESPITE the fact that there was ZERO discussion about race in the hearings has no shame in implying that it was all about bringing together the white race.

Sounds like a great dude. <—-sarcasm.

Actually, this guy and the likes of him that are claiming our nation anthem to be a racist song cannot be taken all that seriously. All they have to base their claim on is assumption, incorrect perception, and tenuous connection.

Because, that's what they do! They take a truth, wrap it up in a bunch of lies and hurt feelings then try to pass it as fact to anyone who does not have the ability or desire to think for themselves.

That ladies and gentlemen is how you can make ANYTHING racist. That is also, how you a "Obama's America" is created.

Sometimes, don't you think it would be GREAT, if liar's pants really did catch on fire? It would be like the 4th of July in D.C….all the time!

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