VIDEO: Clueless Josh Earnest Says Trump Has To “Work Hard” To Beat Obama On JOBS

Donald Trump didn’t even have to take office to come through on his campaign promises. When Carrier Corporation made headlines for relocating a plant to Mexico (which would cost over 1,000 jobs in the process), Donald Trump promised that he’d be the one who would save those jobs.

Obama mocked Trump, questioning what his plan would be. He rhetorically asked if Trump had a magic wand that he was going to rely on. As we all know now, no magic wand was needed.

So now the White House is in damage control, and you gotta get a load of their excuse. As TruthFeed reported:

The Democrat party is in ruins – and they will say and do anything to downplay Trump victories in order to cling to relevance.

That’s not a unifying spirit. 

America is tired of the divisive, angry politics of the Democrats, who are doubling-down on the negativity, even after a humiliating presidential loss.

Josh Earnest is a perfect example – refusing to say – “HOORAY FOR SAVING AMERICAN JOBS!”

Instead, he downplays the victory and spins some laughable lies about Obama’s  amazing “job creation” to save face.


Watch below:

What a clown!

If we’re going to talk about manufacturing jobs, Obama should keep quiet. Last month, we lost 4,000 manufacturing jobs – four times as many as Trump saved! If Obama was like Trump, all he had to do was pick up a phone and make a few calls.

Oh, and did I mention that those jobs that disappeared last month come on top of the over 300,000 manufacturing jobs that have been lost under President Obama? There’s no comparison between the deals Trump makes, and the ones that Obama does. According to an analysis from the Weekly Standard, Obama’s stimulus cost $278,000 per job “saved or created” – and that’s if we take the Left’s word for it that the stimulus “saved or created” 2.4 million jobs (which I’m going to go out on a limb and assume is a YUGE overstatement).

By comparison, Trump saved 1,100 jobs for a cost of $7 million over 10 years – a mere $636 per worker per year. Considering that those workers who would’ve otherwise lost their jobs pay a heck of a lot more than $636 in taxes on their income, I’d say that’s what a REAL deal for America looks like!

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