Joy Behar Tries To Humiliate Tomi Lahren On ‘The View’ – It Backfires BIG TIME!

A new rising star of the Conservative wing of politics is Tomi Lahren, a millennial commentator on TheBlaze who runs her own show aptly named ‘Tomi’. She is known to be a bomb-chucking firebrand, and has recently appeared on The View as a guest on Friday…

Of course going on The View is akin to stepping into a cave full of gorgons…Avert your eyes…And especially your ears…

The 24-year-old Lahren didn’t even flinch when the attacks came reigning down, as she is very accustomed to being surrounded by ultra left wingers who have nothing but contempt for President Donald Trump. The ladies on the pounced as soon as they could to try and humiliate their guest:

“I think in large part I represent middle America. So you’ve got the two coasts and those individuals seem to just kinda talk to each other and then you’ve got all of middle America right there that’s dying to have a voice. They don’t really feel like they have one. They’re not represented you know beyond their communities so I think they watch me and they say you know she speaks like I do, she thinks like I do…she seems to maybe get it..”

Behar later in the interview attempted to hook Trump on the whole hatred of women talking point, but Lahren wasn’t going to let that one slide:

Joy Behar: “I would like to ask you woman to woman..umm is it difficult for you to support Trump as a leader when he treats women so poorly…the things he said about women? Remember that horrible tape..?”

Tomi Lahren: “I look at the things President Trump said and I look at the things Hillary Clinton did and I had to weigh them.”

Joy Behar: “What did she (Hillary) say that was so horrendous?”

Tomi Lahren: “She stayed married to Bill Clinton. So she gave him a pass then?”

The crowd went wild! Do you know why? No, bot because Joy Behar is a complete joke of any resemblance of a real woman…It was because Tomi was RIGHT. The audience knew that, and though they treated as just another gotcha moment, they all knew that moment had some disgusting truth about the Clintons in it. Watch.

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