Judge Attacks Cops For Shooting Man Who Tried To Kill Them, Then Makes DISTURBING Life-Ending Demand

A New Jersey judge unleashed torturous criticism towards police officers after cops shot a man who was trying to kill them. Judge Martha Royster was deciding on if Mark Highsmith, the man who was shot by police after he attacked them, should be permitted to participate in a pretrial intervention program. During that session, the female judge took that time to blast police with criticism that suggests that cops lives are not as important as they should be.

The judge criticized the officers for shooting Mark Highsmith. Highsmith was carrying a large fence post around the area of a memorial dedicated to a cop-killer named Lawrence Campbell. The officers asked the man to drop the fence post and I’m guessing they wanted to question him as to why he’s carrying this large object around a random part of town. Instead of putting the fence post on the ground and talking with the police, the man threw the fence post through the windshield of the police car. Then reports state the man tried to grab the gun of an officer through the window of the vehicle. That’s when an officer shot the man through the door of the vehicle. Highsmith ran off and refused to follow orders and stop where he was or get down. A cop shot him again and they arrested him and sent him to get medical help. He survived the shooting, but now cops are under fire for what happened.

Mark Highsmith

The judge suggests that cops lives are not much different than those of a non-officer. If that’s the case, then all lives matter is a good slogan to use. However, we should place police officers on a higher level because anyone who shoots a police officer has shown the absolute disregard for human life and the inability to function properly in a civil setting. Shooting a normal person is one thing. Shooting a police officer is even worse because now you’ve displayed you unfit for any society in which rules and laws are in place.

Judge Martha Royster

Hudson County, NJ – Hudson County Superior Court Judge Martha Royster doesn’t appear to think that attacking police is all-too serious, and she harshly criticized officers for shooting a man who tried to kill them.

According to NJ.com, at a hearing on Friday to discuss if Mark Highsmith should be allowed into a pretrial intervention program (PTI), Judge Martha Royster took the opportunity to blast police over the incident where Highsmith was arrested.

On July 15th, 2014, at around 2:30 AM, officers saw Mark Highsmith carrying a fence post near a memorial to cop-killer Lawrence Campbell. Officers ordered Highsmith to drop the fence post. Instead, he threw it though a patrol car window, hitting an officer in the head. Highsmith then rushed forward, jumped onto the running board, and then grabbed for the officer’s gun. The officer shot Highsmith through the patrol car door.

How can you not shoot this guy? If he’s reaching into your police vehicle and anywhere near your weapon, then you have to shoot him. The only other option is to put the car in drive and move the vehicle, but then you run the risk of running him over anyway. How about we focus on the real problem which is the man reaching into the cop’s vehicle like a crazy person. The fact that someone would ever think that is OK, is absolutely insane. You can’t reach into anyone’s car and do that. You certainly cannot reach into the car of a police officer. They’re both breaking the law, but one shows a higher disregard for societal values such as respecting the law enforcement.

According to Highsmith’s attorney, other officers spit on the memorial to Campbell and dismantled it. Judge Martha Royster had more harsh words about the officers disrespecting cop-killers just because the person they killed happened to be a police officer, and then that police officer just happened to die for some reason.

Good. Who wouldn’t do that? If there’s a memorial to a scumbag who murdered someone you know, then anyone in the right mind would spit on it and dismantle it. There should not be a memorial to a cop-killer. That’s like putting up a memorial for Hitler and expecting people not to take it down. Of course, people will take that down, spit on it, throw things at it, and be disgusted by it. It’s a terrible thing to do. My comparison might be a far reach, but what’s the difference if it’s one person or millions? A memorial for a horrible person does not have a place in our country. There is no honor in being a scumbag, murderer, or both.

What’s next, a tribute to Jared from Subway? Should we put a statue of him outside every daycare center? No, we shouldn’t. And there should not be memorials to cop killers either.

The judge needs to understand that we must hold ourselves accountable and show an even higher level of respect for the first responders in this country. If someone attacks an officer in their car, whether it’s with a fence post, knife, ax, gun, etc – then we need to allow cops to take them out as needed. When you have no respect for the people in an authority position, then you place yourself at risk of being shot.

If this man attacked police officers in their car, then imagine what he would do to a non-cop. We cannot have that running amok in society.

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