Judge Who Constantly Targeted Trump, NEVER expected Him To EXPOSE His Radical Background!

Donald Trump was routinely denounced for attacking the heritage of the  judge presiding over the Trump University case, but he had a point. While he could’ve phrased the criticism differently, his point, that the judge is hardly unbiased, still stands.

And guess what? The judge’s Mexican heritage isn’t the only reason to believe he may have a vendetta against Trump. Conservative Tribune reports:


The judge in the Trump University case, who has been frequently criticized by Donald Trump’s lawyers for perceived political bias, has been revealed to have been a member of a legal group affiliated with the largest radical Hispanic organization in the United States.

According to a report in The Daily Caller, Judge Gonzalo Curiel revealed that he was a member of La Raza Lawyers of San Diego during a questionnaire before his appointment as a federal judge in 2011.


That’s not all. La Raza is associated with the National Hispanic Bar Association, which has called for a total boycott of Trump products. Oh – and the judge in question is an anchor baby for crying out loud.

Think he may be a bit biased? That’s pretty much a guarantee.


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