BREAKING: Judge Gives BRUTAL Beatdown To Cop Killing Thug That Leaves Him Whimpering Like A Little Baby

A Florida Judge just handed an accused cop killer, Markeith Loyd, the best news we could ask for. The Judge ruled him COMPETENT to stand trial AND represent himself if he chooses to defer professional counsel.

41-year-old Loyd is accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and police officer Lt. Debra Clayton. He was arrested after a weeklong manhunt, where he was found in an abandoned building.

This is the first good news for the public and families of the victims. This is the beginning of hell for and a tumultuous battle for Markeith, as he will slowly find his way behind bars or perhaps an execution. Florida taxpayers could only be so lucky as to have Markeith get shanked in prison to save some cash.

It wouldn’t be a sad day if some hardcore prisoners threw a few rape bones in the guy and then shanked him.


AFF reports – Fox News reports that Judge Fred Lauten warned Loyd, 41, numerous times against cursing at him or others in the courtroom following Loyd’s expletive-laden outbursts during his initial court appearances earlier this month.

Loyd did not speak into a microphone and his answers – when he gave them – were often difficult to hear. However, he did at one point allege that someone “beat me” and he wasn’t provided a phone call. Lauten ordered that Loyd be allowed to speak to a family member to help decide if he would like an attorney for future court dates.

“For this moment, I find that Mr. Loyd is competent to make the decision to waive counsel,” said Lauten, who added that he hoped Loyd would “carefully consider allowing” a court-appointed attorney to represent him.

Loyd was injured by officers while resisting being taken into custody at an abandoned house. Orlando Police Chief John Mina said a use-of-force investigation is being done, although no officer has been placed on leave.

I don’t think he was injured enough. He should have tripped over a few more steps and maybe landed in front of a public transit bus. Or maybe he could have run up on the roof of the abandoned building and accidentally “fell” off or committed suicide.

75095158Anyone who kills their pregnant ex-girlfriend and a police officer deserves to be beaten into oblivion.

He killed three people out of cold blood and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in solitary so he becomes insane, or with the toughest bad boy prisoners in the country, or a few moments in that extra sparky chair.

He faces hell very soon.

Anyone else wondering where Black Lives Matter is? They’re not standing up for a black woman police officer or the black criminal. I guess they dissolved themselves after they realized rioting and looting doesn’t make people like you. Or maybe they realized that blocking traffic and standing up for criminals is not how you do a good job.


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