Judge Gorsuch Just Made HUGE Move For Gun Owners And Finally Shut Diane Feinstein Up On The Second Amendment

Dianne Feinstein a senior Senator from California and a very loud and proud member of the Democratic party was in many opinions pretty nasty in her questioning to Judge Gorsuch.

She asked a question regarding our 2nd Amendment, and when Judge Gorsuch gave even just a little attempt to clarify her question, she acted like a little immature brat that didn’t get her way and responded with such undermining condescending attitude that most people probably cringed at it.

The woman needs to retire and go lay on a beach somewhere, she is wound up far too tight, and if I didn’t know any better…resembles someone who seems to be under the influence of…oh, I don’t know… Satan?

From beginning to end, she just lets off a nasty vibe…

However, our guy, Judge Gorsuch, is still respectful in his response, and despite her nastiness gives a very straightforward answer based on the truth. Which I’m sure stung her like no other…because, you just can’t beat the truth.

That’s one of the greatest things about it…truth remains the truth whether you believe it or not. This is how Gorsuch is leveling every Democrat who is questioning him…with the truth.

Dems…can’t handle that. So it works.

See for yourself…

Oh Feinstein…do you even know the difference between a M16 and an AR15!? Another clueless libtard who carries herself but wants to fight so others can’t. How people like her get into positions of power is beyond me…

She doesn’t even understand the basic duties of a judge. They are suppose to apply the law, not ones’ political views.

The left has lost sight of that, and this is why they are dangerous. They do not follow the law, they pick and choose based on what THEY think is right from wrong.

History tells us that their view on what right is and what wrong is…is terrifying.

God bless President Trump, and this country.

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