Judge Helps Illegal Escape Deportation Through Hidden Chamber In Courtroom, What He Did Immediately After Being Freed Will MAKE YOU SICK

Ever since President Trump has cracked down on illegal immigration, liberals have been losing their freaking minds. Rather than realizing that our president wants to keep our country safe while putting the welfare of American citizens before these often times violent criminals, these leftist morons continue to rise up in defiance, with many liberal governors and sheriffs refusing to uphold the law. Now a judge is jumping on the bandwagon of insanity by helping a criminal alien avoid deportation by ICE officials. But what this criminal did within 24 hours of the judge helping him secretly escape through a hidden chamber will make you absolutely furious.

Judge Monica Herranz was presiding over the drunk driving case of Diddier Pacheco Salazar, a Mexican citizen who was arrested back on January 1 on charges of reckless driving and driving under the influence. After pleading guilty, Herranz worked out a plea with Salazar, giving him a deferred sentenced if he agreed to enroll in a help program. But by that point, ICE officials already had Salazar on their radar for his previous crimes, and were planning to deport his ass back to Mexico. They had already assembled in the hallway of the Multnomah County Courthouse, where they made plans to apprehend him after the hearing.

But the bleeding heart judge soon devised a plot of her own to help the illegal evade authorities, taking it upon herself to allow the defendant to use an exit reserved for court employees. The illegal criminal was then able to successfully go through the hidden chamber of the courthouse, avoiding ICE agents and making a successful escape.

If you’re pissed now, just wait because the story gets even more infuriating. Now completely free with the help of this treasonous judge, what do you suppose Salazar did? Did he learn his lesson about not driving drunk and putting the life of every American in the town he invaded at risk? Hell no.

Just 24 hours later, the illegal immigrant would be caught yet again, driving completely trashed on the very same streets that he was illegally occupying preciously.  However this time, Salazar didn’t have his liberal little judge buddy to save him. The illegal immigrant was immediately apprehended, and sent to a detention center in Tacoma, Washington.

Our judges across the country are expected to be fair and unbiased in their sworn duties to uphold our nation’s laws. Allowing a convicted criminal to escape arrest is not in any way unbiased, but straight up treason. But that’s just one small issue. What if Salazar had hit and killed an innocent American while driving drunk, thanks to the actions of this stupid judge?

This is absolutely sick. Not only does this Monica Herranz need to be forcibly removed from her seat from failing to uphold the law, but criminally prosecuted for the derogation of her duties!

H/T [Conservative Daily Post]


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