Judge Makes HORRIFYING Announcement About Impeaching Trump

Donald Trump has spent less than one month on the job and people are already calling for his impeachment. While nobody can deny he has done some questionable things most people have not even given him a chance yet. But someone who refuses to give him any chances whatsoever is another judge.

Former Ohio Judge Mark Painter spoke out against the President and he is a Republican. He recently wrote a personal letter to the editor at Cincinnati.com. Amongst many things the Judge described a litany of reasons why he is opposed to Trumps presidency.

The Judge mentioned the President’s attack on Nordstrom, the Pentagon seeking rental space in Trump Tower, conflict of interest issues, and his temporarily halted executive orders. The Judge wrote,

In any time except our post-factual era, no office holder, much less the president, could get away with any one of the dozens of dazzlingly illegal things Trump has already. They would forfeit office immediately.”

He called the Trump administration dangerous and described them as Mad Hatters. He called on Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot to lead the charge on impeachment since he had previously been one of the first to spearhead the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. He said,

Trump must be impeached and removed with all haste. If you need help drafting those articles of impeachment, Steve, I am available.”

The former Judge further attacked the President by arguing he didn’t understand basic American values, separation of powers as well as the Constitution. His editorial was mere opinion and conjecture because he did not offer up one piece of evidence or proof.

Even progressive Nancy Pelosi said that an impeachment would not take place until the day came where the President actually broke the law. Considering the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives are all Republican right now it would have to be pretty egregious for them to pass an impeachment.

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