Judge Jeanine And Sheriff Clarke UNLOADED On Hillary’s Idiotic Supporters (VIDEO)

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee and Judge Jeanine Pirro both appeared on the Fox News show “Justice” Friday night.

They talked with one another and shared their thoughts on the modern progressive policies of liberals such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, they argued that it has immensely help fuel inner-city urban violence.

Sherriff Clarke said,

Milwaukee is under control by these progressive, liberal Democrats. Their failed urban policies have wrecked the city of Milwaukee, the city that I grew up in, the city that I was raised in and have been a part [of] my whole life.”

Clarke referenced the loss of jobs, failing education system and rise in the number of broken families. He argued further that the previous variables have been,

exacerbated under this progressive idea of how to run cities.”

St. Louis, Baltimore, and Chicago are just a few more examples of urban inner cities that are failing and tumbling into the wind. Clarke said they too are on the brink of something very bad.

The Sherriff continued to say,

Black people are resilient. We’ve overcome slavery, we’ve overcome Jim Crow. We have not been able to overcome modern liberalism and the progressive, liberal movement. That’s been a stifling thing for us. We have not figured that out.”

He said that African Americans are being hoodwinked by the Democratic Party and urged African Americans to stand in their own two feet and take responsibility for themselves. Only when they are able to stand on their own two feet and rely on themselves and not the government will they be able to succeed he contended.

This is a principal that dates back hundreds of years and is a foundational pillar of conservatism. Being on the dole doesn’t incentivize you to work hard, have a strong work ethic and create a better life for yourself. Instead it incentivizes you to do less because you know you will be taken care of.


In a system of democracy where capitalism prospers one can rise through the ranks based on their own fortitude, strength and perseverance regardless of socioeconomic standing or skin colors. But in a progressively liberal American the Democrats would rather have all those of lower economic status on welfare and make them dependent on the state because it is the only way for them to stay in power.

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