Judge Jeanine Declared WAR On Hillary After Leaked Emails Prove She RIGGED The Election!

By the way they act, if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t guess that Democratic Party, let by Hillary Clinton is the party of slavery. In fact, it’s the party that every anti-American ideal brought forth in the history of America.

As you have probably already discovered, there is no level to which this party will not stoop to get what they want. It does not matter WHAT is right, it only matters who they can MAKE seem right…

Hillary herself, is at the forefront of this party, with all the skills and experience it takes to be the most corrupt snake among them.

Through an online hacktivist organization, it has leaked that the DNC was actively STILING Bernie Sanders’ supporters and pushing for Hillary’s success. Of course, their claim is that they are absolutely objective and have been during the primaries.

They lied.

Anything highly illegal and without moral compass is right down Hillary and her party’s alley. In fact, some of them are the pioneers of such filthy behavior.

They had rigged the election and the evidence for Hillary and her party’s compliance with this disgusting act of dishonesty, is undeniable. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has used her power as DNC chairman to make Hillary’s primary run for President, work out perfectly for Hillary, AND Bernie Sanders’ run…harder.

Her corruption so ugly, that it was not just republicans outing her and her dishonest behaviors over the years, but her own party. Which…is ironic really.

I mean this woman is something, it was not just corruption when it came to political agenda. She was also reported on numerous occasions for cheating the system for… $$$ in various ways. Personal gain, vainness, and your quality hook-up. Ugly words…but so her style.

Now, knowing what a nasty woman she is, is important for this story, for one reason….

As soon as she resigned for being corrupt and lawless, HILLARY CLINTON HIRED HER ONTO HER TEAM. If that doesn’t say a lot about Hillary’s moral compass or lack thereof…nothing will.

They couldn’t care less about the American people, infact this move shows that they think we are absolutely STUPID… they are not even trying to hide the corruption. They literally do not even care anymore.

Thank goodness for the American people, we have Judge Jeanine to get the message across to Hillary. The message that lets her know that, we the people…are PISSED!

Drop the mic…walk away.

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