Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Trump Accusers In 9 Words: “All on One Day? It’s A Little Too…”

Judge Jeanine is a well known conservative reporter with Fox News and has her own news segment. On one of her segments this past week she asked a really important question that most independent minded people are asking, “why now?”

She said,

It’s a little too convenient. All of a sudden all of these people on one day on the day when WikiLeaks starts coming out? Look, you’ve got the mainstream media in cahoots with the Clinton campaign.”

She is correct. Their is absolutely no coincidence between the Wikileaks dumping of thousands of Clinton emails and the sudden media frenzy around women who are accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. All of those emails show the felonious and criminal actions of Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Now she just wants to rub all that negativity off on the Trump campaign and she has finally found her way.

The mainstream liberal media have really grabbed onto these alleged sexual misconduct accusations against Trump and they are running with it. They do not care if it is true or not. They have their narrative, they know what they believe to be the truth, and they are going to push that agenda whether we like it or not. Donald Trump’s campaign is the one that will suffer the most as a result.

Considering the fact that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee completely cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic primary it is no wonder why they cheated Donald Trump by playing these back room dirty games to try and down his campaign. But nothing can deter his band of loyal supporters that see right through that nonsense. Most people see the nefarious business going on and the deliberate attempt to tank the Trump campaign by the liberal media.

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