JUDGE JEANINE: FBI Director Comey Is Now Caught After Hillary’s Last Public Statements (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton has dug a hole for herself that requires an indictment according to Judge Jeanine. Hillary’s response to Chris Wallace on Sunday during an interview when he said that ‘FBI Director Comey said none of the things Hillary told the American people were true’ was priceless. Chris Wallace asked Hillary “After a long investigation FBI Director James Comey said NONE of those things you told the American people were true”

So of course Hillary Clinton decides to double down to Wallace and say that Comey had actually said everything she said was true. WRONG! Judge Jeanine plays an public interview in the House between Rep. Trey Gowdy and Director Comey.

Gowdy poses 10 questions asking if Hillary was truthful and Comey responded each time that Hillary was untruthful. Then Judge Jeanine talks about the uber Liberal paper Washington Post giving Hillary Clinton a 4 Pinocchio rating for her lying and Politifact gave her a pants on fire rating and FactCheck.org gave her a false rating. You would think that Hillary Clinton would finally understand that she’s got to stop lying when her own media cronies can’t take her side.

Then the Judge took on Hillary’s ‘short circuit’ comment at her recent rally yesterday and FBI Director Comey. The most important part of this video is what you must listen to until the end.
Watch more of what the Judge had to say.

Hillary says in another interview, “As the FBI said everything I said publicly was truthful and consistent with what I told them”.

All she had to do was say she made a mistake… but she continued to dig in and deny, deny, deny. This is far more serious Jeanine says that Hillary admits to lying to the FBI, she explains WHY Hillary’s recent statements should have her indicted immediately… WATCH her explanation below (WATCH to the end and she’ll shame FBI Director Comey saying, “Jim, you’re lying with dogs and when you lie with dogs, expect to get fleas”)

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