Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Michelle Obama! POW! This Will Leave You Cheering! (VIDEO)

Here Judge Jeanine of Fox News is no fan of Hillary Clinton’s or the Obama’s. She did a segment on Saturday night on her show Justice with Judge Jeanine where she eviscerated Michelle Obama. Specifically discussing the rude comments Michelle made about Americans being hopeless now that Trump has been elected president.

The irony is not lost since it was their campaign that promised hope for the future and now she wants to take it away just because she does not like Trump.

Watch Judge Jeanine rip Michelle a new one here,


Watch the entirety of the interview Michelle Obama gave to Oprah that is supposed to air tomorrow morning. Where she discussed being hapless and hopeless.


It seems that perhaps now she now knows how the majority of Americans have been reeling for the last eight years under her progressive husband. Now she is getting a taste of her own medicine and it’s a dose she cannot swallow. That is a mighty big double standard she has got there.

It is nice to know that pundits such as Judge Jeanine are willing to put her in her place and call her hypocrisy out for what it truly is. What Michelle Obama said was disrespectful to the millions of Americans who do feel hope for a better future under President Trump. Hope for a better economy, a more stable feeling for society.

Just because she doesn’t see it or feel it does not mean that the hope out their does not exist. She is too busy looking at the world through her own viewpoint she cannot see what is right in front of her and how others view the world. America’s greatest days are yet to come. And under President Elect Donald Trump we will see those days in the next four to eight years.

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