JUDGE JEANINE DESTROYS HILLARY: ‘How Did You Go From Being ‘DEAD BROKE’ To Being Worth Over $200 MILLION While In Government?” (VIDEO)

Politics and business are closely intertwined, and for many in politics, politics is a business.

Take the Clintons as an example, who claim to have left the White House “dead broke.” With such a statement she was trying to portray herself as an “Average American,” which makes little sense. She’s essentially saying “my husband just finished a job that pays 200k+ a year… and we emerged dead broke.”

Well, if she was broke then, she certainly isn’t now. She has a net worth exceeding $200 million. All of a sudden, the liberals who blasted Mitt Romney for his wealth have gone silent when it comes to Hillary. Being rich is no crime, but how does someone go from being “dead broke” to accumulating $200 million not too long after?

What’s a question worth exploring. As Ending the Fed reports, Judge Jeanine Pirro unleased on Hillary, and it’s too good to miss.

“Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump talks about real issues. Hillary says he paints a ‘dark divisive picture of an America in decline.’” But ask yourselves, are you better off? Do you feel safer than you were before these two came into power? Is America more united than it was? Are race relations better? Is police esteem anywhere near where it was 8 years ago?”

“Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump is hitting all the core issues. Asking all of the right questions…starting all the right conversations. A man who is willing to take on political correctness that is DESTROYING this nation.” 

The sad part is that it’s almost pointless in diving into the source of Hillary’s wealth. Even if it was obtained illegitimately, do we really believe that authorities would do anything?

I imagine it would turn out just like how the FBI investigation into her emails went, whereas we were told that she broke the law repeatedly – but there’s nothing they can do about it.

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