Judge Jeanine Drops BOMBSHELL…This Is Why We Won’t See A Hillary Indictment – WATCH

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a well respected conservative newscaster for Fox News and is well known for her contempt for the Clinton’s, especially Hillary. Clearly she has good taste.

Evidence continues to pile up as the months go by against Hillary Clinton. Such as her email server controversy, the Benghazi attack, Bill’s former mistresses and her part in their downfall, to name a few. Yet like Teflon she just seems to have this slide right off her.

Judge Pirro recently commented on her email server controversy and it’s never ending problems.

Pirro appeared on Friday in the “Fox & Friends” segment saying,

The reason she will not be indicted is because her first witness as a defendant in a criminal case is the president of the United States. Because Hillary Clinton emailed President Barack Obama. He knew that she had a private email server – that Clinton email dot com. So he is complicit and they will not allow a constitutional crisis where the president of the United States knew about the risking of security of the United States.”

The Justice Department, in Pirro’s opinion, will give the democratic presumptive nominee a pass despite the mounting evidence against her. Because after all, Hillary’s coronation is right around the corner.

Judge Jeanine’s comments come right after Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would accept whatever recommendations were given to her by top prosecutors with the FBI concerning whether Hillary Clinton should be charged for her email server illegalities. Which also comes just after Lynch met with Bill Clinton on his private jet.

Lynch rubbed it off as a purely social encounter but even those with double digit IQ’s can clearly see the conflict of interest created by meeting with the husband of a woman you are investigating.

Typical liberals. Thinking they can get away with anything and everything right before our eyes.

Here’s the video:

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