WATCH! Judge Judy BRUTALLY Embarrasses Freeloading ‘Bernie’ Liberal On National Television! LOL!

Judge Judy is HILARIOUS in this cut-to-the-punch-line VIDEO where a social liberal insists she shouldn’t have to pay the defendant back because her friend has lots of money. WHAT??!! While THIS VIDEO title says the plaintiff is a Bernie Sanders supporter, there is no evidence of that. I do have suspicions she could be because the whole idea that you get to keep money your friend loans you because she has less kids, no dog and drives a BMW is definitely a cockameme excuse for stealing your friends money. THAT IS definitely the same kind of excuse a Bernie Sanders social liberal would use to explain why they have a right to YOUR money.

After watching the video, I was like jumping up yelling “Hell Ya”! She slapped that plaintiff with the best common sense answer that I almost thought my mom was in the room with a wooden spoon!

I wish Judge Judy was behind the bench in every courtroom and sitting behind the desk in every welfare office across the nation. She would give this same speech to the freeloaders, opportunistics and leeches everywhere… a speech you should watch RIGHT NOW! Then share with your friends…

READ my favorite quotes from the video comments that had me rolling….

Hooptie Hamburger said: Liberals have thief mentalities. They think they are entitled to other people’s stuff just because it exists.

Jonathan Dudley said: Oh my god. Judge Judy for SCOTUS!

What do YOU think of the video? Please comment below and tell me what you think…

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