Judge Judy DEMOLISHES Freeloading Mom Who Thinks She’s Entitled to Other People’s Money (VIDEO)

From Controversial Times: When a do-nothing freeloader came into Judge Judy’s courtroom with a sob story about how life isn’t fair, she got a brutal reality check.

Video shows Erika Gebhardt complaining that she’s entitled to the money and success of her friend because she has five children (and a dog) while her friend only has two kids but drives around in a BMW (how dare she be successful).

This is exactly the narrative of the Democratic party this year – “it’s not fair that you’re successful and others aren’t”. Another word for that is… socialism. But Judge Judy clearly doesn’t believe that nonsense:

“I assume if you hadn’t made five children you’d have a job, you’d work full time, and maybe drive around in a BMW. Instead what you chose to do is, you chose to have a gaggle of children. That was your choice… Your choice to have a lot of kids, she chose to have two, have a job, drive around in a BMW. What is that your business?”

Gebhardt’s response is stunning:

“It’s not my business, but she had the money to give to me! She loaned… she didn’t lo”

But that was all Judge Judy needed to hear to end this farce and rule against Gebhardt for $2,000

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