Federal Judge In Texas Just Trashed Obama’s Amnesty Plan, It’s Finally Over For Good!

Now that President Elect Donald Trump has been elected he is beginning to implement his own policies. One of those policies is eliminating amnesty. A federal judge has officially helped the President Elect by ixnaying President Obama’s failed amnesty immigration plan. It has been suspended temporarily, likely once and for all.

The Obama administration tried to grant amnesty to millions and millions of illegal immigrants. But they were defeated in that attempt. A Texas Judge filed paperwork and he Justice Department has said that in light of the upcoming change in administration that the case for amnesty would be suspended.

It was Judge Andrew S. Hanen who presided over the case and the issue was about expanding amnesty that started in 2005. Hanen ruled that the order placed in 2005 broke administrative law. Obama’s administration appealed the case twice in court and both times the courts agreed with Hanen. Even the Supreme Court.

In a joint statement the Justice Department and lawyers from Texas states,

Accordingly, the parties respectfully submit that further proceedings on the merits of this case, including the submission of a schedule for resolving the merits, should be stayed until February 20, 2017.”

Given the change in Administration, the parties jointly submit that a brief stay of any further litigation in this Court before beginning any further proceedings would serve judicial efficiency and economy so that the parties have a better understanding of how they might choose to move forward.”

The order that Obama endorsed would affect four million illegal aliens and is called DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. These kids were either brought to America as kids or were parents to legal immigrants.

The program would allow for three year legal migrant status and prevents potential deportation. It gives them the time to get drivers licenses, work permits, taxpayer benefits, welfare and social security among other things. It was not labeled a executive order but orders from Homeland Security.

Hanen shot it down because it had never been allowed for public review or comment. The appeals court showed that Obama broke immigration law. Claiming that the president had a liberal broad use of deferred action powers.

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