Yet again Judge Jeanine is on point with delivering her powerful opening statement when she took on the ‘spectator in-Chief’.  Our national security and freedoms are in grave danger as the world erupts in chaos, and where is our president? During times of crisis, historically the leader of the most powerful nation steps up to address the world.

These nations in distress have no hope as our President jumps from fundraiser to fundraiser again, further proving he is not cut out to be a leader, nor the president of this country.  Our allies need our help, but President Obama could care less, he’s weakening our country on the global stage.

Its clear that Obama wants all these illegal aliens in the U.S. to strain our economy, social services, hospitals, and schools in order to create a controlled chaos to fundamentally transform America in order to push a radical agenda that is near to his heart.  This is the time when people need to wake up and see that this president is out to destroy our American ideals, and replace them with his own.

This is why the constitution was written, to protect us from people like Barrack Obama

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