Judge Serves Up Brutal Justice To Obama’s DOJ Lawyers After They Lie To His Face

On Thursday, a federal judge stuck it to Obama over his amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. Obama’s lawyers were ordered to take ethics courses for five years because they lied to him.

Andrew S. Hanen, a federal judge in Brownsville, Texas, told DOJ lawyers that they had lied to him, and then he barred them from appearing before him according to the New York Times.

The fight came about over Obama’s plan to keep millions of illegal aliens from being deported. Twenty-six states sued the president.

Hanen had ordered a temporary hold on the administration’s amnesty plan. They decided to ignore his order and go ahead with the plans anyway.

The Times reports that Hanen said, “any Justice Department lawyer who wants to appear in a state or federal court in any of the 26 states who filed suit to block Mr. Obama’s executive actions should be required to take an annual three-hour ethics course for the next five years.”

Because the administration ignored Hanen’s order, thousands of illegal immigrants were granted temporary amnesty for three years.

Hanen demanded “a list of all of the illegal immigrants who received the three-year extensions, including “all personal identifiers and locaters including names, addresses, ‘A’ file numbers and all available contact information,” according to the Times.

Hopefully more judges like this will stand up to Obama for his lawlessness & disregard for the judicial system.

By Jeff Rainforth
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