Judge Shocks Baltimore Looter Who Set CVS On Fire

20-year-old Donta Betts just got crushed in court. And he should have, because he burnt down a CVS, ruined someone’s business, took away a valuable store in the community, and is an uncivilized schmo.


Imagine you’re in a CVS in Ferguson, and that catchy Nelly song comes on. “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your…” and all of a sudden you look over and the place is up in flames. Well it really did get hot in that CVS. So hot it burnt to a crisp right before people looted everything. Meanwhile the people who use their pharmacy for daily medication stand by in tears, the business owners wonder where they’ll get money to feed their family, and some loser thug is hopping around laughing like an idiot.

Time for Donta Betts to face responsibility and consequences for the crimes he committed.

Betts is apparently one of the main perpetrators in the CVS fire from the Ferguson riots. A judge handed Betts a NASTY sentence for his uncivilized behavior of burning down a CVS.

US CHRONICLE – Betts was believed to have been one of those who started several of the fires that raged throughout the Baltimore riots, threw rocks, destroyed police cars, and looted businesses, but he maintains that it was seemingly his right to commit these crimes. Investigators believe that more prosecutions are to going to be following as captured videos of the riots are reviewed, tips are followed up on, and eyewitnesses are questioned.

A judge gave Donta Betts 15 years with no chance for parole or early release.

Considering the crime could’ve killed people inside, ruined the job of all employees, took away one of the only pharmacies in town, and was an overall disaster that helped spark other looting and rioting, I’d say 15 years may not be enough to make up for all the lives ruined by those actions.

What if someone was on a serious daily medicine and CVS was the only pharmacy available to them?

What do people chant after a really good concert? “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!”

For Donta Betts, I’m chanting “ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!”

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