Judge Who Blocked Travel Ban Just Realized He Made HUGE Mistake – Look What Just Happened To Him!

Judge Derrick Watson is riding a blazing trail of reality and crashes into a wall of threatening messages coming from concerned Americans. Judge Watson struck down President Trump’s travel executive orders that protects Americans from radicalized Islamic terrorists.

Judge Derrick Watson is probably not a very happy guy right now, as he’s possibly living on the edge of his seat as he makes his way to court each day. The threats are so bad that the FBI is involved and deputies may be sent to offer protection. That’s funny because President Trump offered protection with his travel restrictions that would protect people from terrorists, but I guess that wasn’t important to the Hawaii judge. Is this the part where we mention the judge is friends with Obama? Or do we save that part of the theory for later?

The FBI states that they are aware of threats being directed at the Hawaiian U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, the man responsible for deciding against President Trump’s travel executive order and potentially placing the entire country in danger. Don’t worry though folks, they’ll be OK in Hawaii. People don’t usually mess with Hawaii. You would need some Somali pirates to paddle a boat filled with Muslims to Hawaii in order for there to be an incident in Hawaii. I’m not sure that Muslims know how to swim. They’re good at flying and driving into things, but they don’t quite have a Navy yet.

HONOLULU —The FBI says authorities are aware that the federal judge in Hawaii who ruled against President Donald Trump’s travel ban has received threatening messages.

FBI spokeswoman Michele Ernst said Thursday the agency is aware of reports of threatening messages against U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson and is prepared to help if necessary.

While the FBI did not provide details on what states the threats are originating, sources told CBS affiliate KGMB that they are coming from the mainland, or the continental U.S.

Former federal agent Tommy Aiu told KGMB that it’s not unusual for additional deputies to be brought in to help the local U.S. Marshals office with protection needs.

“The U.S. Marshals service will do a critical risk assessment, look at the threat, make an analysis, and determine the level of protection needed,” he said.


Judge Watson made a huge mistake. Not only do we have living proof that the refugee program is a disaster (Sweden/Germany), but we know Muslim terrorists are bred like cattle over in those six countries for which travel ban restricts entry and requires extreme vetting.

I wonder how long it takes Judge Watson to reverse his decision and think about the country first, other people second. They say that in a married household, the two most important people in the home are the parents. If the parents are happy FIRST, then the kids will always be happy as well. Same rule applies for America. If we the people are always happy FIRST, then we can help others better.

We come first. Outsiders come second.

Keep us happy, then we’ll be happy to help others.

Judge Watson needs to put his country first. Elementary, my dear Watson.

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