BREAKING! Judge Hands President Trump His First Victory – You Won’t Believe Who The Judge Is

The President has received a victory in his immigration fight. Despite having a kink thrown into his plans after his first few executive orders were signed. Judge James Robart of Washington ruled that the President’s revised executive order temporarily halting immigration from certain Middle Eastern countries is not subject to the injunction placed on his first one.

This is the same exact judge who ruled on the first case. The same case that was overruled and halted. But this took place at the same time that judges in Hawaii and Maryland ruled the exact opposite, that the revised order should be halted as well.

The administration has argued the new order is very different than the first. While the plaintiffs have argued they are almost one in the same with different wording. The Judge stated the following in his ruling,

the court agrees with Defendants that the limited scope of the court’s prior injunction does not carry over to EO2 [the second executive order]. The court cannot conclude that the policy changes in EO2 are minor or that EO2 represents nothing more than a ‘renumbering’ of policies that the court has already enjoined. Accordingly, the court declines to apply its preliminary injunction concerning EO1 to provisions contained in EO2.”

While the President may be new to the job it is clear he is learning quickly in order to efficiently get work done. The new order will definitely stand the test of time even if the first one doesn’t, which is highly unlikely. Regardless, the President will nevertheless not back down from a fight and will in all likelihood take the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

We would expect nothing less from President Trump and his administration. As this is exactly what he promised while on the campaign trail.

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