Watch This Judge’s BRILLIANT Response When Muslims Sue School For Not Having ‘Segregated’ Pools!

Muslim parents are furious over a European Court of Human Rights decision that requires Muslim students to integrate with their peers at school, in every way, no exceptions.

That means everyone has to get along and not try to segregate each other like it was 1945 and we put different people in different sections. Everyone is mixed together, except for in the bathrooms (no transgenders).

Those days of segregation are over and now the Muslim families in Europe are angry because they don’t get their own swimming pool.

The court decision particularly highlights female Muslim students attending swim class with boys. Muslim parents reportedly wanted segregated swimming pools so their female students didn’t have to share water with male students.

It’s like the Muslim families expected every school in Europe to build an extra swimming pool for Muslims only. Sure, that sounds like a great idea. Maybe it would cut down on the amount of gang rape the Muslims commit.

Some parents were worried about Muslim girls swimming with non-Muslim boys, but I believe it should be the other way around. There are so many crime reports about Muslims raping people, that I’d be worried if I was the non-Muslim parents.

However, the court adjourned and they made the right decision. Everyone can and must swim together.

Parents who kept their students out of class were fined! Ridiculous, right?


Express reports – The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said school bosses are justified in enforcing the “full school curriculum” and children’s “succesful integration” into society.Although the court recognised religious freedoms were being interfered with, judges said there was no violation.The landmark case comes after two Swiss nationals, of Turkish origin, from Basel refused to send their teenager daughters to mixed swimming lessons.A father of another two girl was fined 4,000 swiss francs (£2,900) at a county court for refusing to let his daughters swim with boys.Switzerland was branded “racist” after  60 per cent of Swiss citizens voted in 2009 “against the construction of minarets” – the towers that deliver the call to prayer on either side of mosques – in the country.The court added: “Accordingly, the children’s interest in a full education, thus facilitating their successful social integration according to local customs and mores, prevailed over the parents’ wish to have their children exempted from mixed swimming lessons.”

Sorry folks, it’s OK for the girls and boys to share a pool. There’s no harm done if your teachers are doing their job and the students have something productive to do. I had swim class in college and it was a nightmare. All we did was swim laps. In high school we played water basketball after you proved to the teacher that you wouldn’t drown.

Most schools only have one pool, if they’re lucky to have a pool at all. To think that an entire school is going to change a schedule to appease the minority of Muslims so that their girls don’t swim with anyone else, is just out of their mind.

I’m shocked the Muslim father’s care about this. The Muslim men often treat women like dirt, so this is a real shocker to me.

I’m so used to reporting on how Muslim men treat their women, and other women, like Dammit dolls, so it might be oddly refreshing to hear about Muslim father’s standing up for their girls.

However, rules are rules, and we can’t build special pools for everyone.

Just hop in, go for a fun active swim, and get an easy A+ on your report card.

What are these girls going to do when they’re older and go to a beach or public pool?

You can all argue about who swims with who, I’ll be over here doing cannonballs like…

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