Julian Assange Reveals Hillary’s Criminals ! Hackers Aren’t Russian, They Are Democrat “Whistleblowers” !

Julian Assange never ceases to give us the dirty dealings of Hillary Clinton and unlike her he has an impeccable track record with telling the truth.

Assange has revealed that it was Russian officials or operatives hacking the DNC or feeding Wikileaks the inside information to him. Instead, it was disenfranchised Democrats working for the party who finally saw the party for the miniature crime syndicate it was. They were disgruntled employees who felt the party wasn’t living up to their mission and promises.

One whistleblower was 27-year-old Seth Rich who was murdered in Washington D.C. Despite it being labeled a robbery his wallet and effects were all on him. He chose to go to the FBI with all the inside information he learned while working for the DNC. On his way to that meeting he was murdered and so Assange went public about it.

He said that whistleblowers like Rich go to extraordinary lengths to cooperate with WikiLeaks, and at significant and often life threatening risks. As a result Rich was shot in the back for what is said unknown reasons a few weeks prior.

Watch Assange speak here,

Assange made it clear that people like Rich are killed all the time and their murders are covered up in order to discourage others from doing it as well. Despite the fact that Hillary and others want to make it appear like Putin is behind it because he is somehow in cahoots with the communists. That is a distraction from the truth which is that when people get in Clinton’s way she kills them. Or has someone else kill them for her in order to retain the power she has created for herself. When in reality these people are patriots trying to get the truth out to average Americans.

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