WATCH: Julian Assange CONFIRMS Russians NOT Responsible For Wikileaks Documents (VIDEO)

Julian Assange is the master of free information. Or a criminal depending on who you ask. But he is one of the only people in the media business who has a perfect track record of honesty. In fact his track record goes back a decade.

Now he has come out and said publicly said that Russian hackers are not responsible for the Democratic National Committee leaks or for interfering in the presidential election.

Yet Democrats are still pushing this narrative that Republicans and the Russian Federation, alongside Putin, played a role in hacking the Democratic National Committee to expose the Podesta emails in order to rig the election towards Donald Trump.

Here is the video interview of Assange,

Assange made sure to differentiate between the DNC leaks as well as the publishing of the Podesta emails. The publishing of the emails has been through Wikileaks and Julian Assange while the hacks have been via somebody else. Which he noted the Democrats have admitted to for years.

He insisted that he and his organization had no role in the hacking. Despite the fact that the Democratic party would like people to believe otherwise. Democrats have also tried to implicate President Elect Trump saying that he was in cahoots with whomever hacked the DNC in an attempt to get an edge within the presidential election.

But there is no evidence that indicates that. And Julian Assange made sure to note that anything indicating so is nothing more than circumstantial evidence that does not actually prove it. Thus, their allegations are false. So any Congressional investigation would be a waste of taxpayer dollars and would provide no solution or positive outcome to move forward with.

It is a useless waste of time and a pointless waste of money. Our taxpayer dollars could be better spent.

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