Jury Fines Gun Shop $5 Million For Selling Gun Used to Wound 2 Officers [VIDEO]


(Controversial Times) A jury has awarded a two Milwaukee Police Officers a total of $5 million from a gun shop which sold the gun that was used by 18 year old Julius Burton

The jury found that Badger Guns was liable for the sale of the gun which was a “straw purchase”. A straw purchase is when someone who is eligible to purchase a firearm makes a firearms purchase for a person who is not eligible to make the purchase themselves.

The officers and their attorneys say Badger Guns should have recognized that a straw purchase was occurring. Surveillance video of the purchase was shown to the jury during the trial. According to media reports:

Surveillance video shows Burton with a friend at the Badger Gun store a month before the shooting. He paid the friend $40 to buy a gun for him because he was underage. Store Clerk, Donald Flora, appears to help the friend fill out the paperwork, Diaz reports. Flora told jurors he was unaware of an illegal sale known as a “straw purchase.”

The shooting occurred when officers approached Burton for riding his bike on the sidewalk. Burton ended up shooting both officers in the face, resulting in permanent damage for both officers.

The jury did not find that Badger Guns was involved in a conspiracy to sell guns to ineligible buyers, but did find that the shop acted negligently. One juror said, “My gut tells me the defendants are not malicious people, but they’re negligent people.”


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