Just After Black Lives Matter Staged HUGE anti-Police Protest in LA; a Los Angeles Cop Was MURDERED!

Los Angeles, California is not new to violent crime. Now, a Black Lives Matter thug has committed a crime yet again. No surprise there. Another incident of African American based crime has spurred yet another national controversy. This one involves Carnell Snell Jr. who is eighteen years old and was spotted by law enforcement officers driving a Nissan Altima that was light blue.

The car was noted as new with paper license plates and an incorrect model year. Police followed the vehicle after getting calls about it but Snell and his friends who were also young got out of the car and ran away. But they were not getting away that easy because the police pursued them. Police said he appeared to be pulling a gun from his pants so they shot him.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the following in a police briefing

“While holding the handgun in his left hand, he (Snell) turned in the direction of pursuing officers, at which time an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

Black Lives Matter affiliates Melina Abdullah and Niki Okuk showed up to the briefing which had been publicly announced as a closed door press conference where the public was not intended or allowed to have access. Meaning in short, they were not supposed to be there. While there Abdullah said,

“double assassination first killing the body of Carnell Snell, and then assassinating his character. We know that LAPD continues to kill our people and then justifies the killings with whatever they think makes those murders justifiable. That’s why we were there.”

While interrupting the meeting in protest the police handcuffed and arrested them before they could continue further. Both Black Lives Matter activists and protestors ignored the police officers orders to leave the perimeter immediately. Abdullah maintained she had every right to be there. She said,

“It’s a public building and we have the right to make our voices heard, we’re not going to just submit to the will of the police that continue to kill us.”

Ironically enough had Snell submitted to police and not attempted to pull a gun on them he in all likelihood would be alive and well here today. Shortly after these activists little protest a sergeant with the LAPD was murdered. The officer was responding to a call on a home invasion when he was murdered by a Black Lives Matter thug. He was a 29 year veteran of the force and died on the way to the hospital.

Clearly there is a connection.

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