“Just Bam!”… 66-Year-Old Trump Supporter Gets Brutal Visit From Angry Hispanics (VIDEO)

via CT: Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has made a name for himself, politically, by “telling it like it is” — something that has attracted supporters from all across the nation who are tired of a politically correct government.

One of Trump’s key policies has been to reel in illegal immigration — specifically from Mexico — by building an enormous wall across the border, as well as rounding up the roughly 12 million illegals who currently live in this country and sending them back to their home countries.

While many Hispanics have embraced Trump’s plan because they want to protect America, too, others of the same ethnicity have not been too pleased with the businessman’s proposals.

For example, in Florida, a group of angry Hispanics recently attacked a 66-year-old Trump supporter for nothing more than the fact that the man was campaigning for the candidate, according to WOFL.

Lou Valls, a Trump campaign volunteer in Orange County, said he was excited about the first day of early voting, so he arrived at his polling place early to put up his Trump signs in areas of “prime real estate.” Valls said he placed 18 signs along the street, and he also held one in his hand to wave at passers-by.

As Valls was proudly waving his sign, he was approached by two Hispanic males who police said stole the man’s signs and battered him.


They bolted and started pulling up my Trump signs,” Valls told WOFL.

The volunteer said that when he saw them pulling up his signs, he confronted him, and that’s when they attacked.

“(O)ne of them body slammed me to the ground,” he said. “Just ‘Bam!’ and there I am on the ground and they continue to pull my signs.”

As the man struggled to get to his feet, the two suspects laughed at him and continued to pull up the signs.

“I got up as quickly as I could, and when that happened I sprained some muscles and my leg gave away and I fell on the sidewalk and that’s when I bruised my hands and they continued to pull my signs,” Valls said.

The suspects were able to get away in a car, but one of Valls’ friends took a picture of the license plate, and police have been trying to find them ever since.

The suspects are between 18 to 22 years old, according to deputies. One was wearing a purple Orlando City Soccer shirt and dark pants. The other had a navy blue shirt with an orange logo, white hat and dark shorts.

Watch WOFL’s coverage of the incident here:

Valls said he believes Donald Trump is “the savior” who will “replace, repair and build a new Republican party,” but if the Hispanics who attacked him don’t believe in that, it doesn’t give them a right to take his signs.

“There are ways to express your feelings and that is not one of them. We all have a right to say our peace, that is our First Amendment right.”



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