JUST IN: Clinton’s IMPLICATED, DOJ Makes Damning Move…

The relationship between the FBI and DOJ during the investigation into Hillary Clinton has been a fascinating one.

Reports we have read suggest that the agents at the FBI very much believed there was a case against Hillary but President Obama’s DOJ didn’t want to move forward.

That makes perfect sense.

Now, after we learned an indictment could be imminent in this case, we are finding out even more information that speaks to that narrative.

Apparently, the DOJ has been standing in the way of this recently ramped up investigation into corruption at the foundation.

Here’s more.

From IJ Review:

The FBI obtained secretly recorded conversations of a suspect in a public-corruption case discussing details of several alleged deals that the Clintons brokered, but they ran into resistance from Justice Department prosecutors who dismissed the claims as political gossip, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.
FBI investigators believed the audio was at least worth investigating and they grew increasingly frustrated as they ran into roadblocks erected by corruption prosecutors and even some FBI executives, sources told The Wall Street Journal. The prosecutors reportedly felt the case wasn’t worth bringing to a grand jury because the individual in the secret recording wasn’t working inside the Clinton Foundation.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Robert Capers, were both at the center of the internal dispute, per the report:
Amid the internal finger-pointing on the Clinton Foundation matter, some have blamed the FBI’s No. 2 official, deputy director Andrew McCabe, claiming he sought to stop agents from pursuing the case this summer. His defenders deny that, and say it was the Justice Department that kept pushing back on the investigation.

At times, people on both sides of the dispute thought Mr. Capers agreed with them. Defenders of Mr. Capers said he was straightforward and always told people he thought the case wasn’t strong.

This is more huge news.

If the DOJ is obstructing the FBI’s efforts, that’s a serious problem.

Just another example of the Obama Administration putting politics in front of what is good for the country.

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