JUST IN: Dash Cam Video Shows Thug Who Ambushed & Shot AK Cop – Obama SILENT

Hostility against police officers is rising, with attacks happening more and more frequently. And much of this is thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement, which encourages hatred and distrust of police officers by spreading inaccurate information and smearing officers as racist. The latest tragic incident happened in Alaska, where a thug ambushed a police officer, and then shot him.

Sgt. Allen Brandt, a Fairbanks police officer, was responding to a report of shots fired. When he got to the scene, he came upon a man walking down the sidewalk in a coat and hat. In the dashcam footage, the man is seen disappearing off screen for a moment, before running back in front of the patrol car with a gun. He then shot the officer, and stole his patrol car. It’s not clear if Brandt left the car during the interaction with the suspect, or if the suspect removed Brandt from the car after shooting him.

After stealing the patrol car, the suspect abandoned it a few blocks away.

Brandt was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition, with serious injuries due to multiple gunshot wounds. He was flown to Anchorage to receive further treatment. He has worked for the department for 11 years.

The suspect is described as an Alaska Native in his late 20s, wearing a dark jacket, dark hat, and a knit hat. The Fairbanks Police Department warns that he is still on the loose, and should be considered extremely dangerous. If anyone has information related to the shooting, they are asked to call 907-459-6800.

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