After Being Hacked Again Hillary Refuses To Cooperate With FBI… Immediately Gets BAD News

Back in March, the FBI approached Hillary Clinton and told her flat out that they suspected she had been breached and hacked by foreign entities. Of course, that warning came as she was embroiled in her email server scandal, which she has since skated on. So, when she got the warning, she decided that the FBI’s request was too broad and intrusive and she refused to turn over computer logs and email information. She had her lawyers tell them that without a subpoena they could go pound sand. Big mistake. Huge.

From The Federalist Papers Project:

Back in March, Yahoo reports, the FBI told Hillary’s camp that they were under attack by nefarious foreign elements. It was during a meeting at the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters that FBI agents sat down with senior campaign officials to lay out the evidence: “[C]yberhackers had used so-called spear-phishing emails as part of an attempt to penetrate the campaign’s computers, the sources said.

So to help with their investigation, one of the sources said agents conducting a national security investigation asked the Clinton campaign to turn over internal computer logs as well as the personal email addresses of senior campaign officials.

But the campaign, through its lawyers, declined to provide the data, deciding that the FBI’s request for sensitive personal and campaign information data was too broad and intrusive, the source said.

Because Hillary would not cooperate with the FBI, her campaign was hacked. WikiLeaks is releasing 10’s of thousands of emails, voicemails and spreadsheets that are damning. And they will just keep that up until the election in November.

The FBI may not have known who exactly at the time was about to nail her hide, but they knew someone was. The Chinese had already hacked Obama and the White House… the fact that Hillary thought she was untouchable as in all other things was suicidally arrogant.

The Russians are having a field day with this. They think America is so incompetent that we will never be able to prove they were the culprits either. But ABC is reporting that U.S. government hackers at the National Security Agency are likely targeting Russian government-linked hacking teams to see once and for all if they’re responsible for the massive breach at the Democratic National Committee, according to three former senior intelligence officials. It’s a job that the current head of the NSA’s elite hacking unit said they’ve been called on to do many times before. Michael Buratowski, the senior vice president of cyber security services at Fidelis Cybersecurity which studied some of the malicious code, said the evidence pointing to the Russians was so convincing, “it would have had to have been a very elaborate scheme” for it really to have been anyone else.

Clinton should have taken the Russian threat seriously. Now, she’ll pay a heavy price and it could cost her the election.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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