Look How Obama Just Caused The US Military To Be The JOKE Of The World Today!

Under Donald Trump, our military is going to be stronger than ever.

General Mad Dog Mattis will be Secretary of Defense, and Trump wants an active-duty Army with another 60,000 soldiers in the ranks, an unspecified number of additional sailors to man the 78 ships and submarines he intends to see built in coming years. He wants up to 12,000 more Marines to serve in infantry and tank battalions, and at least another 100 combat aircraft for the Air Force.

It’s especially needed given the damage that Barack Obama has done to our military and its image around the world during his administration. He signed a nuclear deal with Iran even as the Ayatollah was publicly chanting “death to America,” and capturing our sailors.

In fact, that sailor incident has become one of national pride in Iran. As Pamela Geller reports:

Iran mounted a billboard in busy downtown Tehran that shows the 10 U.S. sailors, on bended knees with hands on heads, who were captured by members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a little over a year ago – a commemoration of sorts that heaps a stinging rebuke on President Obama’s legacy.

The 10 U.S. sailors were aboard a Navy vessel that reportedly wandered into Iranian waters near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf on January 12, 2016, due to mechanical failures. Later, investigators found it was actually navigational errors that brought the sailors into Iranian territory.

The Obama administration tried to spin the release of the sailors as a success, and further proof of America’s newfound working relationship with Iran. Critics, however, charged that the capture itself was evident of a still-rogue Tehran, and the ensuing propaganda use of the sailors’ pictures a scathing slap in the face to the United States.


As Zero Hedge reported, of this new billboard: “Just over a year since Iran captured 10 US sailors – and detained them for around 15 hours – for entering Iranian waters “illegally,” it appears America’s nuclear-deal-partner wants to make sure its citizenry do not forget.”

Does this sound like a country we should be trusting at all? Setting them on route to obtain a nuclear weapon is the worst possible thing we could’ve done. As Trump has rightly pointed out, the Iran Nuclear Deal is the worst deal in history, and this is a reminder of just how foolish it was.

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