THIS IS JUST OUTRAGEOUS!!! School Labels 8-Year-Old Boy a “Terrorist” For 5 Words He Said About Muslims

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A school shamelessly began dipping its hands in politics, urging its students to raise money to support Muslim refugees. However, when an 8-year-old boy said just 5 words about the alleged refugee crisis, the school immediately called social services and labeled the student a “terrorist.”

If there are two things on which schools have sparked controversy, it’s undoubtedly religion and politics. Putting the two together, many schools have been caught indoctrinating young minds with bias opinions supporting Islam and the influx of Muslim migrants infiltrating the West. In fact, it’s become so rampant that students are now in danger of challenging this thinking, creating masses of conformed children of the state.

Eight-year-old Rhys Atkinson is now labeled a terrorist because of his response during a discussion about the flood of asylum seekers in Europe. According to the Daily Mail, the teachers at St Michael & All Angels in Upton, England were encouraging their impressionable students to raise money for the refugees. That’s when Rhys announced that when he grows up he wants to fight terrorists.

The school, which obviously doesn’t want anyone defending the innocent against terrorism, immediately called social services and Rhys’ parents, ironically taking the child’s announcement as a terrorist threat.

“The school has been raising money to help with the refugee crisis,” said Mark Atkinson, Rhys’ father. “My son came home and told me his form teacher had explained how the crisis had begun. I sat him down and we discussed it. The next day he went into school and said that he wanted to fight terrorists. Then all of a sudden it’s being implied by his teachers that he is one.”

The staff warned Mark that several schools had been visited by anti-terrorism police, and they were told to “look out for signs of radicalization,” which evidently includes children who oppose radicalization.

School Labels 8-Year-Old Boy "Terrorist" For 5 Words He Said About Muslims

The Wirral Council’s children’s safeguarding hub was notified of Rhys’ comment, and a letter was quickly sent to Mark, stating that the department has details “in relation to some comments made by your son in school in relation to terrorism.”

The letter concluded with an accusation that the child “plays a violent video game,” which Rhys’ mother says is a ridiculous and false charge.

“He is putting on a brave face but was confused and didn’t understand if he can still go to school,” according to Rhys’ mother, Louise. “I think they should react to a young child’s naive comments like adults and not jump to crazy conclusions. It is idiotic.”

Young Rhys may forever be labeled a “terrorist” in his school records, or in the least be forced to carry the label throughout his stay at the school. He has been chastised over his views on fearlessly confronting evil, and his developing mind has been burdened with the confusion of why many believe that’s wrong.

Remember when fighting terrorism used to be considered honorable and courageous? Now, it seems that one ideology that is particularly “radical” has so much hold on our freedom of speech that those who even hint at opposing its violent fundamentals are punished.

School Labels 8-Year-Old Boy "Terrorist" For 5 Words He Said About Muslims

Rhys’ father, Mark, received a letter from social services stating that his son was in danger of “radicalization.”

Of course, the same doesn’t apply to Muslim students. In fact, after international outrage over the arrest of Ahmed the “Clock Boy,” there are few schools who refuse to touch Muslim students, no matter how deep the threats run — because a Muslim student should be commended for threatening to bomb his school, but a non-Muslim student should be punished for fighting these kinds of threats.

After a Muslim middle school student cheered about having a bomb in his car, the Maryland school shrugged it off as child’s play. Despite parental complaints and media outrage, Principal Michael Dunn responded by saying that “it is a boy just being a boy.”

The same student had previously brought a cell phone to class, despite the school’s policy banning phones, and pointed it at his classmates while pretending to shoot them. Again, the school ignored it.

This dangerous bias stems from the fear that one might be labeled “racist” or “Islamophobic,” an effective tactic used by Muslims around the world to silence critics of Islam. Foolishly we give up our freedom of speech to appease the very religion that requires Sharia law. As it happened in every country that now has a Muslim majority, we are handing over our rights in an attempt to be liked by an ideology that seeks to destroy us.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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