‘Just Witnessed a MIRACLE’: Tim Tebow Says a Prayer Over Fan Who Suffered a Seizure

Tim Tebow…the man is a good man. There is no denying that he talks it, and he walks it.

He never really found his place in the NFL and with those fools out on the football field taking a knee during the National Anthem it’s no wonder he never really felt at home there.

However with his debut on the baseball field it seemingly felt like he was finding a little piece of himself. However, it’s what happened AFTER the game that really allowed his true colors to shine.

Kari Van Horn of ABC 15, was on the scene of what she is calling a miracle.

After the game Tebow was signing autographs for fans like a good athlete does. One of the fans in the stand suddenly collapsed and went into immediate convulsion. He had fallen into a seizure and was even foaming at the mouth.

Tebow acted quickly laying his hand over the fan and quickly bowing his head into prayer. It’s being reported that right after he had finished his prayer the man stopped convulsing and gasped for air.

By this time EMTs were at the scene and starting to assess the situation. Treatment was then provided for the fan who had the seizure. Here are some of the photos that were taken on the scene.

Even as still shots, you can tell it was a powerful moment for Tebow, the fallen fan, and those that witnessed what happened that day.

Prayer is powerful. The most powerful gift we have to converse with the most powerful being in the entire universe. The most powerful being who calls us his children. When one of his children remembers him, and calls upon him for help…he shows up.

Thank you Tim Tebow for remembering who you are, and being unafraid to bow your head in prayer to ask for a blessing for another in need.

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