WHAT? Justice Dept Fines Sheriff’s Office $10K FOR HIRING ONLY US CITIZENS (VIDEO)

If there’s anything I can’t explain about Donald Trump’s campaign, it’s not how he won. I’ll let the geniuses in the liberal media keep pondering that. What I can’t explain is how his stance on illegal immigration was in any way controversial.

Not only did Trump oppose illegal immigration, he wanted to deport illegals, AND build a border wall. In other words, the man wanted to obey all the laws that are already in place! And that’s controversial? Only to a liberal, I suppose.

It’s no mystery why they support illegal immigration. While they claim to be the party of the “little guy,” what’s more harmful to low skilled workers than the threat of competition from illegal immigrants? Removing over ten million illegals from the workforce would do more to boost wages than raising the minimum wage ever could.

And yet, in Obama’s America, it’s not businesses that get punished for hiring illegals – it’s businesses who DON’T that get punished! Yes, really.

As the American Lookout reported:

The Obama Department of Justice has gone off the rails. 

We reported previously that the DOJ said firing immigrants with expired papers was “discrimination.”

Now, the DOJ has gone even further.

The DOJ just reprimanded and fined the Denver Sheriff’s Department for only hiring U.S. citizens. 

Watch the report from Fox and Friends below:

Yup. Rather than congratulate the Denver Sheriff’s Department for hiring 200 deputies, it was slapped with a $10,000 fine for “discriminatory hiring.” Who knew that refusing to help people who break the law is also against the law?

What exactly is the alternative here? Are we expected to live in a world where when you call the cops, you’re going to have to press one for English? Yeah – no thanks.

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