Kaepernick FIRED! Details Inside!


Colin Kaepernick is fired. Unless there’s a football Miracle on 34th street, that injured America hating bum is OUT of San Francisco. Here’s the catch – he has a restructured contract that allows the 49ers to get rid of him after this year.

However, the trade deadline is still around the corner and the 49ers are smart business people. If you want my opinion, I believe the 49ers are letting Colin Kaepernick start the next game because 1) other teams will want to see if he can play (someone always needs a backup) and 2) Blaine Gabbert is literally terrible, so what could possibly go worst than that?

What can go better? The 49ers next game is at the Buffalo Bills. What if Colin Kaepernick puts up a four interception game and every time the Bills run back a pick-6, they kneel in the end zone to rub it in Kaepernick’s face.

If you want to put dollar signs on this, Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem has caused a boycott of the NFL around the country. The NFL has suffered some of the lowest ratings it’s ever had, even on Monday Night Football. The NFL has also had to refund money to advertisers for not being able to deliver the amount of viewership that the ad purchases promised. Low ratings equate to lower earnings for the NFL and people don’t like that.

When we’re not watching football, then we’re not contributing to the players or organizations salaries. No one in the NFL likes that. Maybe if they didn’t charge three arms and a leg for parking and beer, or have the worlds most unlikable player in Kaepernick, then maybe ratings and sales would be up.

USA Today reports that Kaepernick’s revised deal is essentially a way for him to audition for other teams (and GTFO of SanFran).


Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers need each other for the next 11 games, and probably no more.

Kaepernick gets a chance to prove he can still be an NFL quarterback, beginning Sunday on the road against the Buffalo Bills. The Niners (1-4) get a needed shakeup through “one of the only maneuvers we can make,” as coach Chip Kelly put it Tuesday in announcing the decision to start Kaepernick instead of Blaine Gabbert.

And that’s where this rocky relationship — from Kaepernick’s ascent to Super Bowl starter to last season’s benching to an offseason trade request to newfound support amidst his controversial protests during the national anthem — seems destined to end.

Let’s not forget that Chip Kelly is also a jinx to football teams. He can literally ruin a franchise the moment he putters his fat feet out of the airbus that floats his tubby self around.

Chip Kelly has a knack for ruining teams. Ruined the Eagles because the players hated him and Kelly had NO CLUE how to use players in positions/ways that they are successful at. Now he’s ruined the 49ers because he likely forced Kaepernick to hate himself so much that he would put himself through this pointless scrutiny. You know, most backup QBs hold the clip board and STFU while earning millions. This guy hated life so much that he protested the American Flag and now look at him – a restructured contract to get rid of him and a tryout on a 1-4 team.

Good luck Kaepernick. There’s a clipboard or practice squad waiting for you…or is there?

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