Kaepernick Gets DESTROYED With ‘USA…USA..’ Chants By His Home Crowd!

Last night, South Park’s twentieth season debuted, and took aim at Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and none other than Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who refused to stand during the national anthem.

When the episode aired, Kaepernick’s protest spread from the NFL to elementary school sports. It was a hilarious jab at both the over-the-top media coverage Kaepernick’s action of kneeling has received and his message as a supposedly oppressed man earning $19 million annually.

It’s not just South Park mocking the footballer. It seems that everyone and their mother (including Kaepernick’s, who blasted him for his actions) has an opinion on the protest – and most are negative. As Western Journalism reported, during the 49ers first game of the season, Kaepernick was rightly booed as he entered the field. Usually it’s fans of the opposing your team who boo players as they run to the field. This time, it was fans of both teams booing Kaepernick.


As Western Journalism reported:

This was the third time since training camp that Kaepernick had refused to stand for the national anthem. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” he said after his first protest.

As the quarterback entered the game with just 2:21 remaining in the fourth quarter, he was greeted with a massive wave of boos. Others in the crowd began chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

Eli Harold, Kaepernick’s teammate and one of the team’s offensive linemen, came to Kaepernick’s defense after the game.

“What really pissed me off was when Kap was getting snaps at the end of the game and the crowd was booing,” Harold said. “I’m not throwing shots at our fans. It’s not about that. Liberty and justice for all. Just because this man is standing up for something he believes in doesn’t give you the right to boo him. I just don’t understand it, man. I really don’t.”

Serves him right.

And by the way, this happened in San Francisco. The last time a Republican running for office in that city got more than even 25% of the vote was nearly a century ago. Kaepernick has managed to turn even the most liberal city in America against him – which is a feat within itself.

He’s off to a rough start this season. Unfortunately for him, the cities he plays in are only going to become “progressively” more conservative. Expect more patriotism.

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