Kaepernick Is Hailed As Hero, Army Is Scolded For Taking Knee In Prayer

College football players were castigated for praying prior to a game yet Colin Kapeernick has all but been hailed a hero for refusing to stand for the national anthem. It is quite the double standard. Somewhat similar to when football player Tim Tebow kneeled in prayer on the field and was criticized for it.

Toddstarnes reported,

“The controversy arose after Coach Jeff Monken asked a staff assistant to lead the football team in a prayer after their upset victory over Temple University. It was first reported by Army Times.The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, filed a complaint over the post-game petition to the Almighty.

They alleged that 90 West Point graduates, staff members and football players were apparently horrified that young men were praying in a locker room.“Every vestige of Christianity is being driven underground in the military.”— LT. GEN. (RET.) JERRY BOYKIN.”

Athletes participating in prayer is very common. Whether it be in the locker room or on the field. Numerous athletes have received media attention for doing so. For some sports programs it’s a foundational pillar. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what those players did. Yet they are given a hard time about it.

However, when Colin Kaepernick blatantly disrespect veterans and the American flag he is labeled a hero for bringing attention to the oppression of African Americans. He also is a Black Lives Matter and communist sympathizer based on his social media postings and comments. Unfortunately, these are the types of people being glorified in today’s modern media.

It’s a travesty. Watch the team prayer here.

West Point spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker stated,

“As a result of this allegation, West Point officials are conducting an inquiry into the matter. The video, which was posted on social media, was removed pending the inquiry.” 

Leave them to pray in peace!

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