Kaepernick Kneels During National Anthem, US Combat Vet Sends EPIC Response

There are few out there actually defending the actions of Colin Kaepernick. For anyone out of the loop, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback refused to stand during the national anthem to protest a nation “that oppresses black people.” The man is so oppressed that he earns only nineteen million dollars a year, so I totally see where he’s coming from.

Sarcasm aside, he was supposedly speaking about police brutality, apparently unaware that more whites than blacks are killed by police in America. He’s also been spotted wearing socks depicting police as pigs, so I’m certain he’s more anti-cop than he is anti-police brutality.

A few have defended him however, but even those people are defending his right to freedom of speech, not what he actually said. The hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick is trending among veterans who fought for Kaepernick’s First Amendment rights, but it’s a stretch to infer from that they agree with his politics.

Other veterans haven’t been too kind towards Kaepernick’s antics. As Mad World News reported, yesterday was Military Day at the San Diego Charger game last night, and U.S. combat veteran Cesar Beltran attended to send Kaepernick a message (who again, didn’t stand for the national anthem).

One of those coming for “Military Day” was US combat veteran Cesar Beltran, who made a sign for  Kaepernick and got as close as he could when Kaepernick came out to warm up prior to the game. Holding his sign, which said, “You’re an American, start acting like it,” Betran got Kaepernick’s attention. Betran told a reporter, “Yeah he heard me, he saw my sign. He needs to get his priorities straight, he is supposed to be a role model.”


Betran’s young son stood next to him, and he indicated that he was teaching his son that what Kaepernick was doing was wrong. Beltran, who’s a Mexican-American, wanted to make one point clear to his son, explaining, “We are Americans, not Mexican-Americans, not African-Americans, or Asian-Americans, just Americans, and that is what my son needs to know.”

Beltran wasn’t the only fan to respond to Kaepernick’s choice to kneel during the anthem, as over 50,000 fans responded to Kaepernick when he took the field with boos and jeers for over 30 minutes.

Beltran is a person of color, and thus one of those who Kaepernick believes is “oppressed” in America. He must’ve not gotten the memo.

Reports in May said that Kaepernick was being demoted to the 3rd string, basically implying that he blows as a quarterback. Think it’s a coincidence that America began to suck around the same time he did? I don’t.

I can’t imagine any of this is going to end well for the quarterback. Those opposing him far outnumber his supporters, and that’s not good for the team. If he’s fired, what do you think the odds are that he’ll blame it on “oppression”? I think roughly one hundred percent.


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