Colin Kaepernick Just BASHED NFL Fans And Threw His Support To A Communist Dictator

As we’re all aware, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick claims that he’s protesting the national anthem because he doesn’t want to honor a nation “that oppresses black people.”

Despite that, he seems to be fine with oppression globally. Like most leftists, he shares their love affair with dictators. His dictator of choice? Fidel Castro.

As Fox News reported:

Colin Kaepernick praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during a contentious press conference this week.

During a conference call in advance of Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, Kaepernick was confronted by a member of the South Florida media for wearing a T-shirt that contained an image of Fidel Castro earlier this year.

When asked about the shirt, Kaepernick first pointed out that the shirt also pictured Malcolm X.

“I’m not talking about Fidel Castro and his oppression,” Kaepernick said during Wednesday’s press call, the Palm Beach Post reported. “I’m talking about Malcolm X and what he’s done for people.”

When further pressed about the shirt, Kaepernick praised Castro’s commitment to education and criminal justice reform.

That comment about education reminds me of a joke by John Derbyshire, that wherever there’s a jackboot stepping on a human race, there’s a well intentioned liberal pointing out that the face at least enjoys free health care and 100% literacy.

And yes – he really does admire Fidel, despite the fact that you can uncover the man’s crimes with as much as a brief Google search. Among them are:

1. Fidel Castro’s firing squads in Cuba
2. Fidel Castro sank the 13 de Marzo tugboat killing Cuban women and children
3. Fidel Castro’s shoot down of American civilian aircraft killing 4 people including 3 American citizens
4. Fidel Castro’s Cuban political prisoners
5. Fidel Castro’s Cuban forced labor camps, the UMAPs
6. Fidel Castro’s religious repression against Cubans
7. Fidel Castro separates Cuban families
8. Fidel Castro restricts the movement of Cubans
9. Fidel Castro’s foreign interventions resulting in thousands of deaths
10. Fidel Castro’s espionage

You know what many of those actions sound like? Oppression.

Should we expect Kaepernick to protest Castro next? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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