Hateful Kaepernick LOSES It In HUGE Public Tantrum – Here’s Shocking Reason He Went Into A Fit

If you’ve been following the drama of the career of Colin Kaepernick, you know that he’s had a few bumps in the road lately. The once employed quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers drew the limelight after he chose to protest the national anthem. As absurd as that might seem, many have jumped on board with him, but none of his fellow players have suffered the same career setbacks as Kaepernick.

While this seems like a fitting punishment for someone who would protest the anthem of the country to which he owes his success, this backlash might not be all protest-related. It would be great if a huge conglomerate like the NFL took disrespect for the anthem seriously enough to blackball someone for their bad judgment, but it doesn’t look like that’s why Kaepernick is unemployed right now. Kaepernick wants to paint himself as a victim, but according to one former coach, he’s not playing football right now because he’s just not a good enough football player.

The former 49ers coach talked to The Score about what might be holding Kaepernick back:

Steve Logan, Kaepernick’s quarterback coach in 2015, says he likes the quarterback as a person, calling him “a good kid”, but that the pivot’s success is dependent upon playing in a run-based scheme.

‘It has everything to do with his ability to play in the pocket,’ Logan told 99.9 FM The Fan about Kaepernick’s lack of a job, according to Pro Football Talk’s Darin Gantt. ‘Wherever he goes there will have to be a massive re-design of the entire offense to suit his skill-set, which is unique.

‘But I’m just telling you why he’s not on a roster. It has everything to do with his ability to play in the pocket. And be really good in the pocket. Because the game has taken away his calling card, which is the zone-read. Defensive coordinators in the NFL will not let you beat them with that football play. You can irritate them with that football play but you cannot beat them with that football play anymore.’

Logan didn’t give Kaepernick much credit, comparing his descent from Super Bowl starter to unwanted free agent to Blake Bortles becoming a borderline starter after his 35-touchdown season in 2015.”

This just gets better and better. It’s crossed many peoples’ minds that maybe Kaepernick’s inability to land a place on a team was more than just his political leanings (or kneelings). I think a big part of the patriotic American population wanted Kaepernick to not be signed because he was anti-anthem. It would give us some faith in people to know that disrespecting the U.S. still had some consequences.

Unfortunately, it looks like he might just be another millennial who’s blaming his own deficiencies on someone else so that he doesn’t have to admit it was a problem in the mirror. Of course, he’s still capitalizing on all the attention, and he had quite a bit to say in what can only be assumed is an attempt to turn the attention off his own playing skills and back to what he considers to be the problems with America.

Via US Herald:

“America has never been a great country, the ex-49ers quarterback claimed.

‘It’s a very ignorant statement that if you don’t agree with what’s going on here and that if you want justice and liberty and freedom for all you should leave the country,’ Kaepernick said. ‘He always says, ‘Make America great again.’ Well, America has never been great for people of color. That’s something that needs to be addressed. Let’s make America great for the first time,’ he said.

On the surface of the argument, Kaepernick comes across as the humanitarian warrior for social equality and justice. But one suspects it is the narrow interests of “people of color” that he is primarily concerned about.

And when Kaepernick talks about social injustice and people of color, is he talking about his own experience in the context of his former multi-million dollar salary and personal assets?

America has been very, very good (one might say great) to Colin Kaepernick and to many other high-profile people of color. He had been a person of privilege long before he turned professional leftist critic and agitator with a racial ax to grind.

Kaepernick accuses Trump of being guilty of broad historical ignorance. By implication, he accuses the millions of people who voted for him of being ignorant as well.

The now jobless NFL free agent is correct on one key point, however. Slavery was a horrible, dehumanizing institution. But it was an evil institution that would have ended in the due course of time, regardless of the Civil War having been fought.

And even though southern black slaves endured terrible abuses in their time, many northern white factory workers suffered ill-treatment and living conditions that were equally as horrific, if not worse, than their black southern counterparts.

White northern factory workers weren’t considered valuable property, as were slaves. They were used and then discarded as dispensable tools of 19th-century American industry.”

It doesn’t appear that Kaepernick likes to get bogged down with facts. He seems to be a mostly emotionally motivated political activist. And while we’d like to think that’s what has gotten him downgraded to being a free agent, it looks like that’s just what is keeping him in the spotlight.

To me, as a patriot, Kaepernick’s actions are despicable, but you’ve got to admit that as a PR move his kneeling was one of the best things that he could have done for himself. Otherwise, he’d be just one more almost-good-enough football player who got cut because he couldn’t play all the necessary positions. Now he’s a political icon because he disrespected the anthem.

(Source: US HeraldThe Score)

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